2012 Model Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV First Run

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2012 model Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV first run
2012 model Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV first run
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ATV-125cc -T135DX Tao Tao (Review)
Taotao 150cc ATV assembly and starting.
Taotao 150cc ATV assembly and starting.
2012 Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV Test Ride
2012 Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV Test Ride
Review: TaoTao 250cc atv likes and dislikes.
Review: TaoTao 250cc atv likes and dislikes.

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Matthew Nicoll: iefly Scottish. : the staves of a hooped vessel (as a barrel or cask) especially at their bottom —usually used in plural.

Edward LaFlamme: does it boot?? would u fuk this atv if it was a chinese prostidude?

Daniel DeGeorge: Just got that quad for an early Christmas present and I am sooo excited to ride it

Mostafa Amir: how much does it cost?

Dom956: how fast can they go?

Dom956: 1:20 lol classic dog goes after the biggest stick he can find

gamer guto: aki é o Brasil!!

aleon1018: didn't you have any Chinese country music?

Fernando Chavez: I had mine for 3 years the only thing wrong with it is the chain but I did some fabrication to keep the chain tight at all times

MustangGT_V8: Must be a Coolester

Grainsauce: hey where do you get parts for this I need a new brake master cylinder on my 150!!

Eanweldon Outdoors: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Madgamer.info: Just got a 125 and 150 they run great and it feels like they do get better spent about 400 hours on it and it runs great last long no problems at all bother work great but i theres one thing the battery dies very quickly and it makes a wierd clacking sound when its not warm but when you pull it up and start driving it just goes! One more thing mine (the 150 cc) came with a wooden shifter and its real oak it awesome!

Grainsauce: Not to poke fun, but is the dog seriously keeping up with the atv......

André Gallo Souza: what's he  wheels size, 8 or 10?

georgesj1979: FRAM air filter what's the part number

Bugatti: Where can I buy 1 from

Non Ya: Maybe we have been lucky, but I purchased 2 Tao Tao 150"s for my children of 11 and 14, after they destroyed the Polaris Sportsman 90 after only a year I decided that I would try the Tao Tao...after all both Tao Tao's were cheaper than 1 Polaris 90. These poor Tao Tao's have been pulled out of the creeks floating up side down more time than I can remember. My son knows only one speed....wide open!...and that seems to be about 45 mph. If these ATV's can handle the back woods and swamps of South Arkansas for the last 2 years with only a master link failure on one and a starter switch failure on the other one...then I am very satisfied with my purchase....Now the bad part....not very powerful, they vibrate...(which can be fixed with little effort with rubber placed in the motor mounts) and they ride rough.

Bryce Schafer: cam ams are better

Bryce Schafer: dum
2012 model Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV first run 5 out of 5

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2012 model Tao Tao 150cc Chinese ATV first run