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Get Windows 10 LEGIT for $20
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Adolf Hitler: scam

Adolf Hitler: scam

Adolf Hitler: SCAM

Adolf Hitler: SCAM

vergil mota: can i buy from kinguin through cashu ????

xXx_Mom$paghetti_XxX: Black market was on since 2013? Jeez, I thought it was 2 years ago. freaking love them though.

Golden Egg: Does anyone have experiece from kinguin windows 10 keys?

شروحات: how to payout kinguin

Márk Horváth: Welcome to Kinguin,where customers doesnt matter only their cash! ;)

I got scammed on that site on my first buy ,how unfortunate.

Mommo 3HD: Why can't i buy a whole game with my balance?

ZikoPlays ­: Dont buy from them guys they scammed me i contacted them like 30 times to give me my money back and no reply
well what's happen is that i ordered Random skin / Rnadom ak skin / CSGO case key / its been 2 days and i didnt recoive anything now im contacting them to just give me my money back and no reply

Triplex: i got some csgo random skins there they gave me code how to activate?

Dan L: I bought Resident Evil 0 and ! HD Remastered and it was fast and easy to get Steam cd key in cheap price and then activate on my steam account. I also put buyer's protection, in case if anything happens with invalid or duplicate keys. But other than that, I'm happy with Kinguin's service.

Nap: site with the worst support what i have ever seen in my life. I bought key, what is actually looks more like fake, 1 week ago i wrote to support and still didn't get respond.

ShagStars Productions: bought a gift and it was a fraudulent gift.
I already wait for like 2 days and still no fix. Don't buy gifts from kinguin and don't buy new games! because those are scams.

VGames117: freaking 'On Hold' bullcrap just freaking give me the game I payed for it

sticksamurai: king oo win

Marco Goncalves: Opened 2 tickets for Windows keys for being Blocked, after wasting a few hours dealing with Microsoft support, as was requested by Kinguin, i got to know one was a Student Key blocked due to being outside of targeted country and the other for Software Piracy. No solution bought in, just basically called me a liar, even though i sent them Screenshot of the chat, and i had purchased more than 100 items from them.
Don't buy from them.

LordOfPotatoes: Not too sure about the legitimacy about this website. I have several key concerns:
- When you buy the keys, you are actually buying them from other sites. What's to say Kinguin is legit and they give you the keys, but then these other sites keep your credit card details? Also, I saw a video and these sites are all powered by Kinguin. Why not just sell it through Kinguin rather than these other sites?
- Will I actually get the key?
- Will Steam ban my account for using Kinguin?
- If the key doesn't work, will I get a refund/replacement?

If someone could answer these and allay my concerns, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Audrey Schembri: for five cd costs $17.35 I likit and p.s you are the best for making this site  thx :D
Welcome to Kinguin.net! 5 out of 5

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Adolf Hitler: scam
Elrinth: Sounds like something like Yai Ar Kung Fu.
Ariel Ruiz: que tiene de malo el save 3¿?♡♡
Pandurang Manjrekar: more videos plz 😍
Alex Ramirez: my moto x camera doesn't work at all anymore after updating to Lollipop😑 any suggestion's?
Dylan Joseph: damn that bubbles avatar sold a lot, I see it a lot when I play
own naim: @Benjamin Werres

Welcome to Kinguin.net!