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Kinguin.net Introduction!
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Get Windows 10 LEGIT for $20
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Heinrich Himmler: scam

Heinrich Himmler: scam

Heinrich Himmler: SCAM

Heinrich Himmler: SCAM

vergil mota: can i buy from kinguin through cashu ????

Kasey Hill: got a vanilla debit gift card but cant find out how to use on kinguin

xXx_Mom$paghetti_XxX: Black market was on since 2013? Jeez, I thought it was 2 years ago. freaking love them though.

Golden Egg: Does anyone have experiece from kinguin windows 10 keys?

شروحات: how to payout kinguin

Márk Horváth: Welcome to Kinguin,where customers doesnt matter only their cash! ;)

I got scammed on that site on my first buy ,how unfortunate.

Mommo 3HD: Why can't i buy a whole game with my balance?

ZikoPlays ­: Dont buy from them guys they scammed me i contacted them like 30 times to give me my money back and no reply
well what's happen is that i ordered Random skin / Rnadom ak skin / CSGO case key / its been 2 days and i didnt recoive anything now im contacting them to just give me my money back and no reply

Triplex: i got some csgo random skins there they gave me code how to activate?

Dan L: I bought Resident Evil 0 and ! HD Remastered and it was fast and easy to get Steam cd key in cheap price and then activate on my steam account. I also put buyer's protection, in case if anything happens with invalid or duplicate keys. But other than that, I'm happy with Kinguin's service.

Nap: site with the worst support what i have ever seen in my life. I bought key, what is actually looks more like fake, 1 week ago i wrote to support and still didn't get respond.

ShagStars Productions: bought a gift and it was a fraudulent gift.
I already wait for like 2 days and still no fix. Don't buy gifts from kinguin and don't buy new games! because those are scams.

VGames117: freaking 'On Hold' bullcrap just freaking give me the game I payed for it

sticksamurai: king oo win

Marco Goncalves: Opened 2 tickets for Windows keys for being Blocked, after wasting a few hours dealing with Microsoft support, as was requested by Kinguin, i got to know one was a Student Key blocked due to being outside of targeted country and the other for Software Piracy. No solution bought in, just basically called me a liar, even though i sent them Screenshot of the chat, and i had purchased more than 100 items from them.
Don't buy from them.

a dead account: Why won't the site work for me?
Welcome to Kinguin.net! 5 out of 5

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Heinrich Himmler: scam
Musicsale facile: Get Pintech-Concertcast-ST-Kick-Pad with our best deals now at w w w . facilesound . c o m /B0002F7876.html (Quickly!!)
bob robin: Mewtwo's viability in a nutshell
Smash 64: ...
Melee: bullcrap
Brawl: ...
Project M: amazing
Smash 4: bullcrap

Gustavo García Casal: Useful Info. thank you very much!
Pollyanna Johnson: the numbers are just extra, you still understand it if you don't call them. they never actually talk to you its just messages.
davidhindu: Lol I just got a brand new golf r for 25k here in the US
Kajal Kaju: i love thizzzzzz. song ....

Welcome to Kinguin.net!