Iran Ninja Women イラン·イスラム共和国のくノ一 زنان نینجا ایران

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EvE EvE: wow that s so beautiful

Me Lina: Wooooow amazing بحب النينجا و القتال بموت فيهم و الدفاع روعة

umar knight: Lol I wanna marry one I know I am safe

Joshua Krill: I'm glad that these women are training in something they enjoy and that they find useful and fulfilling. This footage, however, does not show much that resembles Bujinkan training. Does anyone have any information as to their instructor? I didn't see in the video that they claim to be Bujinkan, however they are using the same bow in and such.

MKultradude: don't mess with these kunoichi

whitest2011: No Iranians are not Arab but they are true Muslims my friend. These why must of untrue Arab Muslims are against them.

whitest2011: Allah bless you.

Fedor Amerikano: Iranians are not Arabs or what ??? What am i missing?

Amaaan: والله كفووو

alhan Mohammed: ياريت عندنا هالسوالف ...والله مافي شنب في امه خير يتحرش

Buthaina Almajed: شوفو ياللي رافضين رياضة المرأه المتخلفين

Maitham Alesaeed: كفو

Safi !: وينكم يابوكروش خخخخخخخخخ

waleed Alghanim: تعالو شوفوا جنود المندي عندنا اللي كرشته نص متر قدام مايعرف ينط خشبه خخخخ

Haroun Ibn Kim: Sir, the Bujinkan is suppose to primarily impart the spirit of the warrior upon you. What does that mean? During times of war or any situation worth fighting for -- was also worth dying for and killing for -- by any means necessary. The taijutsu you see here teaches proper body mechanics and how to use the entire body, then the mind is shaped to take advantage of whatever is advantageous while its available for however long its available. And to never fight the enemy where they are strong. Guns

luckyazian13: Not even soccer, any sport basically. Do women in USA not practice martial arts? I mean, IDK about ninjutsu but most likley some do.

garbanzotheterrible: you can't even spell JIU-jitsu, you freaking fakeass mcdojo moron.

garbanzotheterrible: this is the only thing more ridiculous than TKD.

unknownwatcher: I would not mind facing these ninjas. I would lose but I'll die happy.....

NAJE GARDNER: The goddesses artemis and athena would be proud
Iran Ninja Women イラン·イスラム共和国のくノ一 زنان نینجا ایران 5 out of 5

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EvE EvE: wow that s so beautiful
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Iran Ninja Women イラン·イスラム共和国のくノ一 زنان نینجا ایران