Edge Of Tomorrow SUPER SPOILER EDITION Discussion

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Edge of Tomorrow SUPER SPOILER EDITION Discussion
Edge of Tomorrow SUPER SPOILER EDITION Discussion
AMC SPOILERS - Edge Of Tomorrow review
AMC SPOILERS - Edge Of Tomorrow review
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Edge of Tomorrow Review - CineFix Now
Edge of Tomorrow SPOILER Review - WeWatchedAMovie
Edge of Tomorrow SPOILER Review - WeWatchedAMovie
Edge of Tomorrow Review   Simply Put Podcast [SPOILERS]
Edge of Tomorrow Review Simply Put Podcast [SPOILERS]

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Corban Damukaitis: the best way to watch this movie is with the sound off... like when some people watch incest porn... cough cough...

mauricio rincon: if you need to make a ton of excuses to get the ending, then the ending is just wrong. I nearly loved this movie

SeniD D: I've got a quick q. If the only way to know whether Time has been reset is for the one with the power to Die, according to this movie, how could Blunt's character discover she lost the power after a blood transfusion? I mean, to really find out she would have to die, and since dead man tell no tales, if she had lost it, she wouldn't be around to tell it.

mikey bush: the first time tom cruise killed the alpha and absorbed his blood, alpha was terminated even after he reset the day (specifically 30 hours before) and stormed the beach again. So when he kills the omega and absorbs his blood he again regains the power to reset the day boom he does so with the omega still dead rendering the rest useless
However that is the simplest explanation... with other deeper yet still logical explanations

ayacachotinemi: The ending makes perfect sense. Tom Cruise gets covered in the Omega's blood, which allows him to reset. Because they were fighting the omega the night before the Normandy landings were supposed to take place - which is where Cruise originally died - Cruise ends up respawning the day before he originally respawned. And because the Omega freaks with time, its death gets sent back in time. Maybe it was trying to reset time to save itself, and freaked it up because it was dying, hence sending its death back. Or maybe it was just some sort of temporal feedback, that when the omega dies it loses control of the energy its manipulating time with, sending a massive surge of energy back a few days which fries the earlier version of itself. There are plenty of explanations that are consistent with the story and with the ending they show us.

Wow. I'm using words like 'temporal feedback' and I'm not even commenting on a Doctor Who episode.

I do agree, however, that the final act should have felt more dangerous than the rest, and didn't. However, I am totally fine with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt surviving. Killing of one of the main characters - or especially the main character's mentor - is a really cheap way to give the ending an emotional kick. In fact, there was a moment in the chopper when they're flying to Paris when one of the grunts asks what they do if they encounter an alpha if they're not supposed to kill it, and Tom Cruise answers ' you take the hit for the team', and I was immediately like: well, Emily Blunt is going to die distracting an alpha so Cruise can get to the omega. So I was pleasantly surprised that they did exactly what I was expecting, then freaked with my expectations by having her survive after all.

Also, you need both of them alive for a decent sequel. And I really, really want a sequel to this. It would be awesome, and I think it could add some more context to the ending to make it more satisfying.

Jacob Macdonald: Here is what everyone is missing if you are searching for an answer to the ending.  While the alpha gives the ability to travel back in time, that is all it does and then relays that information to the omega.  The omega however has the ability to take the information at death and then change the strategy of the day.  So before Tom was resurrected he changed how the day would unfold by having the Louvre destroyed by the aliens themselves since it appeared the general had no idea where the energy burst had come from.  I hope this saves the movie for those who watched it and were as confused as I was.

Balaji Yadhav: I'm not sure why is everyone confused by the ending it is quite clear that the time will be reset a day before the killing of alpa/omega. When tom Cruise killed the omega he was reset 24 hours before which puts him in the helicopter.

smurfyday: Four "experts" and not one understands the ending? Sick of people complaining about it--it's 24 hrs before death. Google timelines that some people have created. I just put much stock in the opinions of people who can't figure it out.

racewiththefalcons1: You go back in time X hours from the time of the blood transfusion. The museum transfusion took place chronologically before the first one on the beach. Therefore, TC would naturally wake up at an earlier point. Why are people confused about this?

Chris Englehart: Ben, the final battle happens the day before the beach scene, hence he wakes up that morning.  It's not that complicated. 

legion: I think you can forgive the ending because they did afterall kill the main alien thing. I mean they really didn't fully understand the time travel in the first place. I think what it all comes down to is that the head alien was killed thus ending the time loop cycle or whatever. Damn I've gone crosseyed

WhiteWhistler: I prefer happy endings

Ryan Cunningham: 2:22 turn captions on hahahah..

Ratus: Its simple guys, the omega lives within tom cruise. It made his world come to life at the end because he fused with it.

That omega tech was probably stolen by the aliens who came to invade the earth. I mean think about it. Why would the omega easily accept any life form? No alien would NEVER keep such a loop hole open like that. There may be an Edge of Tomorrow 2.

jherrenor: the only reason he and his squad died was because they were too ill-prepared. i would have preferred if the Omegas blood simply let Cruise respawn to the time he chose rather than the same day. it would have made a lot more sense as being slightly more powerful than the Alpha's blood.

picture this: Discard the General's speech of the energy surge destroying the aliens. Cruise wakes up in helicopter as per the ending (this being this time he chose). he meets the General again but since he knows what's going to happen, he's accepts the order. [cut scene] to him being on the ship again but as an ranking officer. soldiers are more likely to listen to an officer's plan rather than a grunt. he slowly lays out the whole plan. [cut scene] to him being in Paris prepared and equipped with stealth gear to reach the Omega without having to deal with the Alphas, and backed up by the entire military behind him ready to hose down aliens. [End scene, cut to credits]

Nicholas Denniser: Tom Cruise was able to reset the day because he was not dead when the Omega's blood mixed in with his. The Omega exploded instantly, so it wasn't able to trigger the reset, but as the blood mixed with Tom, he reset as a defense mechanism 24hrs before, and since he has the original Omega's power, he could defensively do it and not have to die to do so.

 The timeline he reset to was accurate because the time of day that the omega died, which was before the battle on the beach began, which is hours before he killed the Alpha when he originally tapped into the power. so he really wakes up hours before he met with the General which is the same amount of hours difference between dying on the beach from killing himself and the Alpha and the time he kills the Omega. 

AudioAndroid: Things that crossed my mind,
1. I kept thinking that Charlotte Riley character "Nance" was the actress Mena Suvari who played in American Beauty.
2. I was hoping that Emily Blunt character was lying to Cage about loosing her power to time loop and in fact she had already relived the entire movie more times then we could think of, we learn that the mimics don't like random thinking so this made Rita go through thousands of people looking for the most random thinker their was. She makes the choice of Cage and used her loop power to get him to into the fight in London this would explain the Generals reason for making him Private.

russell robertson: the re spawn is 24 hours from contact with the blood, the omega was killed earlier in the morning than the alpha, exactly 24 hours before waking up on the chopper and talking to the general. also there is a large window of time between being tased and waking up on the bags so he could have killed the alpha 24 hours from the moment he was tased.  

Ramp10er: The Alpha dies, The Omega resets time. The Omega dies... Time resets... And then a higher creature is more capable of resetting the time....

icycleragon: oh thanks for oblivion spoilers gg
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Corban Damukaitis: the best way to watch this movie is with the sound off... like when some people watch incest porn... cough cough...
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