Modern Masters 2017 Subscriber Giveaway

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Modern Masters 2017 subscriber giveaway
Modern Masters 2017 subscriber giveaway
1000 Subscriber Sealed Modern Masters 2017 Giveaway!!!
1000 Subscriber Sealed Modern Masters 2017 Giveaway!!!
Insane MTG Modern Master 2017 MMA giveaway!
Insane MTG Modern Master 2017 MMA giveaway!
Modern Masters 2017 GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
Modern Masters 2017 GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
5000 Subscriber Giveaway - Win Two Commander Decks!
5000 Subscriber Giveaway - Win Two Commander Decks!

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Yawg: Am I too late? D:

Shawn Knight: new snap

KitchenTableMTG Forums: Congrats on the subs, almost at 100 already! Looking forward to all the awesome commons that I can use in my Pauper decks

The Whole Box and Dice: Thanks all for your entries, winners video has now be shot so the competition is over. Can we flip it MM2017 edition up shortly with the winners announced at the end!

ian hall: thanks for the giveaway

Acidik67: a little late haha but modern seems interesting. Trying to build a deck around crater hoof behemoth without it being elves, thank god its affordable now! saw some of your vids, great work! keep it up man!

Gearlow: Yo! enter me in that and I want some fetches!!

Joe Alvarez: Hey great video! Thanks for the contest!

Music LOVE: I hope to find a cavern of souls, can be great for my deck, give me the oportunity :D

Shayera Brandes: Lets see if i finally get lucky with something like this... ;)

Black Nexus Gaming: deff need to hit a cavern of souls for my elf tribal lol

Judgey -: #rigged. maybe ill go halves with you in a box if i dont win Coops :>

MTG Nerdies: hey Just just wanted to say, love ur content love ur videos and I feel this channel has a lot of potential he wish my luck my brother was just diagnosed with leukemia and we are really hoping to do something special everyone reading this can u please just respond with kind words for our family and prayers much appreciated god bless

AlbyMTG: I can't wait for this set to come out. So much hype.

Oliver Jest: Nice video! So excited for this set! :)

DXGamingESP: Good luck for all and I want the expensive card on this edition :D just 4 fun

Tyler Whitt: No big reprints I need for my Eldrazi tron deck, just hyped to get some cheap fetches so i can build a new deck and not cost an arm and a leg.

Alexander Nielsen: been drafting for a few weeks now, but i am so excited drafting MM 2017 ! cant wait to see what is gonna manifest

Stuart Little: Really looking forward to drafting this set :) a free booster would be awesome

alexpoobum: im not a modern player but thinking of getting into it this year
Modern Masters 2017 subscriber giveaway 5 out of 5

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Yawg: Am I too late? D:
Amber Mancha: Pump Times!
Motif Duo: 0:38
Medela : 3:45
Lansinoh : 6:44

nlw1000: they put on their facebook page they would post when the next event is going to be some time this or next week i believe this past sunday. the only reason i say october is cause that is what it say on their web page it says ( see everyone in october)
Togar Juntak: Where the next video bro
Miha Kavkazskiy: Мошенник. Прошить не возможно! Потому что нужны драйвера и для док станции и не Android а ASUS!!!
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Нету возможности подключить к розетки((( Съёмка особо не нужна, камера будет использоваться как детектор движения.

DIY Powerwall: Здорого. Я тоже зделал свой тест.Можиш посмотреть.

Modern Masters 2017 subscriber giveaway