Guild Wars 2 25k HP Dungeon Tank Guardian Build

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michael castillo: I have 28-29k hp I will have 30k when I get my armor -_-

Jamie Sutherland: I know this is an old video but after seeing it, I just needed to say that a full cleric Guardian can stomp this setup, and had more versatility within the trait tree.

Bob Roro: Can you share your build on the dungeon forums of gw2? You can see what people will say about your wonderful build.

And Yes , I kick everybody who is not zerker at the end boss to punish them for being stupid.

Bob Roro: If you die on a guardian you're terribble at this game . Even with berserker gear you have so many defensive tools . And yes this fail build will slow down the group so much , 0 damage whatsoever and yes I use strong language because of idiots that think they can tank 1 shot boss mechanics really piss me off. You don't need 1 berserker , the full party must be berserker for every dungeon . That's how speed runs works.

Bob Roro: Are you freaking retarded? How you can tank 1 shot boss mechanics? Show me a video of you tanking lupicus or the alpha... There is only berserker for all classes , this crap ass build does 0 damage , I would kick you from my party immediatly if you had this fail build . Type arah speed run on youtube you will see , 10min for each path with a berserker guardian and warriors

Bob Roro: There's no tank in gw2 freaking moron

DG Dobrev: That's what the description says, mate :) If you must know, I like running circles around the boss and casting that thing just as I find myself behind his back, so that the entire party can get the nice protection. Hope that answers it :)

Carmelo Portelli: mate why in a cone in front of you.... because you should turn the mob around so that it's back is to the rest of the party when you tank... so that they don't get cleaved... so if you use the heal for the cone in front of you, you heal them... silly boy.

DG Dobrev: I hope this doesn't mean Toughness/Vitality/Healing power gear with tome of courage? I found that to be the worst build I have ever played. So boring. I'd rather take the damage for the others.

DG Dobrev: I spent under 12g on it, but it was quite some time ago. Builds change, and skills change as well. I also modified this build a bit and added ascended gear to compensate for the changes. Still, the core armor sentinel gear remains.

DG Dobrev: Ferguson's Crossing

Alexander Mario: This build is for self defending not for defending others. Especially for dungeons where all 5 people should be staying alive all together to finish the dungeon faster. Even if you're the last one standing you can't just finish them off with such a low damage. Guardians have a lot of healing skills, even the dodge heals man. I think you should try a build that supports others.

KenTheSensei: This build isn't that good. There are much better ways to utilizing sentinel gear....and if someone is going to spend that much on gear i would such not using this build it is much weaker than its true potential.

Hristo.Bogdanov: На кой сървър си?

Knack Boom: nice thx

davidwhistler1977: try this build its the best build i have ever had on this video you see 5 guardians take out a zerg its called the commando build /watch?annotation_id=annotation_682733345&feature=iv&src_vid=ad2oZjIuKX0&v=TcJmELgfjSM i didnt think it would work but its great

anglelord: wow the pices are freaking stupid for Sentinel.

DG Dobrev: Suffice it to say, I am willing to debate the merits of this build against anyone else, but in the end, we are not here to hate on or show off, we are here to give builds to the community so that they can check them out, try them out and thus help them out. It is a simple as that.

DG Dobrev: 16K HP means that almost every time you have to take some big heat in a dungeon or in WvW, you will find yourself on the ground on the 4th or 5th second. You are also talking about zerkers, so I am assuming you are a heavy CoF runner. When it comes down to PUG parties and other dungeons and fractals, I am willing to bet that you will be seeing lots of wipes. Oh, and... don't get me started on the Aetherblade dungeon from the previous content. I got it done for lots of ppl just thanks to the HP.

Adakar Deverand: I could poke holes in this build for days... but I'll just point out the difference between this 25k tank and my 16k tank. 1. Tank Guards have a responsibility to keep the party going... passive regen and boons do the trick. (Hammer 3rd hit = protection, GM Trait for VoR) This keeps all those zerkers alive when they are close range as well. 2. Maintaining protection for 100% of the fight removes the need for super high HP (Hammer with 3 Sup Earth and 3 Sup Grove Runes - lead in "Hold the Line!")
Guild Wars 2 25k HP Dungeon Tank Guardian Build 5 out of 5

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michael castillo: I have 28-29k hp I will have 30k when I get my armor -_-
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Guild Wars 2 25k HP Dungeon Tank Guardian Build