How Does Google Search Work?

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Ajay Kumar:

only hacker: so, what is the algorithm of secret sauce?

Wanda Brown: Ì have a list on Search You Tube and I don't know how to remove the list that I put on. It please help me.

Davie Chen: Okay, Katy Perry is the Secret Sauce.

Wael Chorfan: I really had that feeling before watching this trick explained

Stephanie Ballard: I`ve got something you must know fellas. I’ve got a new business utilizing “zimo unique plan” (Google it) which was shown to me by my good friend where he earned lots of money. This system has given me outstanding results. In case you still have no idea concerning this, you should be informed at the moment...


Tonny Milfiger: they say they download the whole web data now who gave the access to all webdata? on which platform, what was the coding prototype to so. i mean lets say my website have a host and my website is on that host and my website have a domain , if you type my domain you can access to all my information so how its work they scan al domains? how did they found the data?

Villa Jupi: you are cute

Andika Al-Khalifah: This vidio is usefull for me, and other vidio's.
I hope every vidio have translate in indonesia, thank for google webmaster.

Niki P.: Hi, I want to know if you can help me with a seminar homework that I have to do, and I can't think of anything on the topic "Can Google find all the information you are looking for?". Please I really need your help !!! :( :((

Prodix Studio: hey! i'm new in the world of internet and have search many times on google how google get websites data of old and new created websites but i don't found better results for this .
and i want to know about it i want to know that How google get data in his database automatically or you hire people to put the websites data into your database?
if automatically then how please answer me please i am waiting.

donttestmejeff 21: oh please stop talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gyro22: Google is a big advertiser. They direct the flow to adds that pay the most.

TECHSLO CHANNEL: I think that you somehow managed to simplify the crawling process of Google's search index. I had no idea it had come so far since the last time I sat in one of these lectures several years ago.

Modern Plaster: Many good new companies have no chance to meet your requirements to emerge a market. Tough to be the first page because SEO companies and freelances have know your strategy and feed all the information with different URL and contexts in terms of web board, blogs, classified, social networking, and so on.This is still refer and point to the same firm that hired SEO companies. So, you collect all data they feed and, show the same listing result with different URL. Unavoidable, people have to read and click the same topic on your listing result. It is like a circle. What if a bad company mislead people to use and buy his product by using SEO firms and you show the same listing result? What if...? Please revise your method.

ios Tricks: Hi matt.can you tell the requirement for work in google

MissMiserable Marny: google search are tottaly irrelevant bullcrap!rather go to deepnet to find somphting exept ebay...the pages are hidden deleted ore in the 33 page...the picture search is sad,bec its the biggest search engine and dryng to give u the less amount of info possible....u cant ewen find info about why it sucks so bad bec u cant find it!!!

The Guy's Computer: Aha ! secret Sauce revealed ;-)
How does Google Search work? 5 out of 5

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How does Google Search work?