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PDXDave: Interesting! What's the retail cost?
Naazish Baig: So happy to have found this video. I love my coffee n i prefer it to be black strong and bitter. N i have almost 4 cups daily and my sister says me all the time coffee us drugs n ur addicted to it stop having coffee 😂😂😂😂.
Belatorius: God damn bic. They make everything
Shrek The Ogre: If you want to read the story make it bigger and press pause.
SoCoolC: cool
vjrei: This software is crap! do not buy it!!! it will not give you full screen in the video output!!!!! They used all the video ram for the interface. You will get a very small video in the middle of the screen of your TV or proyector! I am a professional VJ, I play at the Ultra and stuff. It is an scam.
Elias Johnson: Nom nom nom nom nom ^w^

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