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Should You Buy A PS4 or Xbox One?
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razrsrealm: Look at these xbox cucks. PS4 has the best exclusives for centuries.

Vincent The Keeper: I got a PS4 at launch, love it. Just got an Xbox One, love it, really nice system, big as an old VCR lol, but looks slicker on the entertainment center . Really just get the system you like.

LordDeathspit: I have both consoles but play my xbone more for 1 simple reason. that's where my buddies are. If they were on PSN i'd play my PS4 more. And as a Souls I jumped off the xbone for a couple months for Bloodborne. I don't notice any big graphics difference but the PS4 somewhat smoother with load times and such. (ironically Bloodborne load times were awful at one point.)

Ryan Fowlow: Little advice don't talk about peeing blood in the first 30 seconds of your video. That's nasty...

Alex Pollino: No story is not important when it comes to games for example most fps games don't have any real fleshed out story just shot him cause he's bad reach objective done however games will always have a story and then there are games with lore (in my opinion is the best kind of game) but it all comes down to your taste and what the majority buy not the minority which is why my dream game will never happen cause not very many ppl want it

Thistleclaw86: I have both

TKO Badger: Ps4

Puggle64: why is everyone talking about consoles when james literally shook his scantily clad ass at us

T-a-y-T-a-y: crap like this is the reason why we have console wars,
can we all agree that all consoles are the master race?

If you like inde games,mods,outstanding graphics,and want to get the BEST sales then get a good PC with steam,its worth it.

I own a xbox one and I enjoy it too,I use the controller to play my games
and if you are a pc player but also use controllers,Microsoft will be releasing a new adapter for the xbox one to use the controller wirelessly for PC 

PS4 is just as good as Xbox One,it has it's own exclusive games,graphics,and about the same price range too

but before crapting on this and saying "STUPID FANBOI ONLINE IS FREE FOR US11!!" well thats false now because you need to pay to play online now.
I enjoy playstation for the last of us
I like xbox one for other games like Halo 
I enjoy PC for a huge amount of games at a low price,and mods (who doesnt love mods) and co-op/single player!


Tristan Scholtens: Sooooo... Wich is the ONE 4 U?

Meg G: Dollar Shave Club really is the best.

wowalinbie: If you call yourself a journalist you should act like a journalist, if people notice you are being shady you have no right to complain after the fact.

Also don't they as "entertainers" have to come out and say if they are being paid to play a game for legal reasons? Same should apply to "journalists".

Then again, who reads the news?

John Ropero: i waited till 2015 for xbox one. MCC xbox one bundle

TheRealSh4d0wm4n: Early acces is a tricky thing. Some developers you acutally can trust and some just scrap it. For example: I bought Starbound about half a year ago or even longer. I think it was 20$. I played the crap out of it because the stuff that was there was satisfying and actually seemed like a full game to me. A few months down the line the updates just stopped. The whole community was mad about it. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I was like "Oh well..... what is there IS fun and if there are no more updates it won't be such a big deal because I thought it was enough for me." But then..... A NEW UPDATE... Everyone was saying how long it took them to make that update and I was just like "Okay, cool".
Yeah pretty long now but what I'm trying to say is that people REALLY have to think about what they're buying into. I was thinking about bying that game for a whole week and in the end it was worth it. Other people are just seeing a screenshot and are just like Hmmm looks cool and just buy it. And THAT is the problem. Don't reward the developers for doing nothing. If it works, more people are gonna do it. Or you can do it the easy way and remove early acces and have devs put their hope into Kickstarter.

Dusk™: Wait, Kovic and Bruce! They're on Machinima as well?

Gamerstown: Wii Us... I will never buy one!! XBOX IS BETTER!!!

lusciouslou: MCC isn't fixed, and more time than imagined has gone by.

creepymoth: Totalbiscuit IS full of himself.

Cody: gonna buy both of them when the slim consoles come out

SamManSam: I keep finding myself coming back to this episode because my Fan Art's here. I should do a FunHaus redo at some point... Make it more detailed, maybe add the little in-jokes that the first doodle version had... I did find it a little bit frustrating to do actually... Joel's hair... Ugh...
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razrsrealm: Look at these xbox cucks. PS4 has the best exclusives for centuries.
Avery Cunningham: WHAT THE freak DID I JUST WATCH!!!!
Anthony Trifoglio: Is there any way you can lower the fps?
I know next to nothing about Airsoft, and was looking into getting this one as my first one

340silence: Lol lisp
Pamela Trujillo: what ohm rage do you recommend
David Morris: Brilliant! I can most definitely recommend the frame.... an absolute bargain!!! go on treat yourself, you won't be disappointed!
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Should You Buy Xbox One or PS4? - Inside Gaming Podcast!