Fa'afafine: Samoan Boys Raised As Girls I The Feed

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Grace Tamag: opinions of idiots

K Daddy: I am from American samoa and this is not true. Part of our culture? Nope. I am a faafafine and I wasn't raised up to be a girl just because we didn't have enough females in the family. Wrong lies and idiocy. Faafafines back in American samoa was born the way they were. Samoan people are just very accepting and doesn't really mind if their loved ones grow up to be faafafine. They weren't raised up to be women, they were just born like that. This probably happens in new Zealand and western, but definitely not American samoa.

David Belden: they're not men lol stop calling them men.

Helen Robertson: Poor babies I wanna give them all hugs 😢😢😢😞

Chur: BAHAHHAHA chur my fafafines samoans aye lmfao

Inf Swidt: Can someone tell me first off all why "SAMOA TONGA AND HAWAII copy the Maori culture it's quite abvious, Tonga and Samoa are lost NO HATE but Its true , let's NOT forget that Tonga's first king changed there religion to Christianity to praise Jesus Christ, so now most of Tonga if not all don't REALLY know any real knowledge from there past, just do some research you will understand where I'm coming from now it seems they make up stories as they go. FACTS NO HATE, Samoa is the same story pretty mutch....both cultures exploited the Maori culture in myths sutch as MAUI "FACTS". Hawaii have exploited the Maoris copying and incorporating the hongi and also mimic the haka with only the change of the language and a few moves otherwise more respect to the Hawaiins at least they still know some real past knolledge.....

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.: Yuck.

Tiresa Mercruy: Thank you for sharing your stories. Your strength and ability to share your feelings and experiences during your journeys is so inspiring. I am so happy that you have clarified the misinterpretations and misunderstandings of what a faafafine is. So many misconceptions about Fafa's. Thank you and all the best in life.

PeaceByPovetkins: Very awesome of Samoans really accepting this. I've met a lot of Samoan fafas and they are friendly people

Bonnie Repia: These are such beautiful, gifted people god bless you.

LakeSide87 !: How depressing is the background music?! Hoiiiii.

iolinda paul: I'm a Samoan man that respect any human..love you BRO

T H A L: This is one story but not from Samoa where are these people from? Where do they live? They maybe Samoans but not in Samoa This isn't the Samoan culture. Mothers or parents don't choose who is gonna be faafafine they are born that way. I feel sorry for this man how the mother dressed him up like a girl but that's his mother. in Samoa if they don't have a girl in the family they have boys to do the chores they don't pick who's gonna be a girl this is just loads of crap 😡

Scorch1028: I wonder how many of these males who are 'raised as females' begin identifying as females.

Clavon Murphy: The word os hard to pronounce

Kristen Sclater: Hi, I'm a student currently making a presentation about the Fa'fafine and was wondering if I could use some of the footage from your video ‘Fa'afafine: Samoan Boys Raised As Girls I The Feed.' My teacher will be the only person to see this, it will not be posted online anywhere, and you will be credited.

YeshuaMyLord: You can clearly see the dangers of the transsexual agenda, brainwashing children at a young age and forcing them to be of the opposite gender that they are born into.
This is a clear example of child abuse.

Sabah Squared: This is so wrong how are people justifying it?Change the culture of boys not doing much instead of the poor child.Parents are also longing for a daughter that they don't have.This is not the childs fault.

Shelly-ann Lee: This world is cruel, if parents have a boy child, why would you want to feminise a boy into doing house work at hard labour and turn him into a woman when​ that child was born a man?

Shelly-ann Lee: God made us who we are and out of our own created genius we made our self what we want to be.
Fa'afafine: Samoan Boys Raised As Girls I The Feed 5 out of 5

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Grace Tamag: opinions of idiots
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Fa'afafine: Samoan Boys Raised As Girls I The Feed