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karamazovbrothers1: Had this video when I was a kid. Haven't seen it for about 20 years, cheers for uploading!
Ex Tyger: This was cute and funny. But mostly stupid!
SapzDuzStuff: sleep
Jim Oliver: Robert and Mandy...you are both wrong. First of all Robert, ash works fine (use a little elbow grease). Second Mandy, you missed the word "CONDITIONING" I use to use just ash and water, but after trying the Rutland Glass Cleaner (with conditioner) I noticed I did not have to clean glass even a fourth as much as before. Rutlands has a silicone in it that leaves an unseen residue, kinda like an invisible film that keeps the creosote from sticking easily to the glass...ash, oven cleaner, and glass cleaners "do not" have silicone in them. Rutland Glass Cleaner 8oz $6.48 Amazon "prime" it ROCKS !!! ( Regency H2100 )
jaker life's Vlogs: just need a bendy metal that won't brake easy
น้ำมัน สี่สหาย: ขายถูก ไม่ฉวยโอกาส ขยัน-อุตสาหะ ประหยัด ซื่อสัตย์ เสียสละ
Crusty Farts: Name your poison is an awesome song. My favorite nuge album is the first one from 1975