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saumadavid: so is that karthus?
Anders Olsson: Just love it :)
Wu Winston: How to start drop shipping business?
1. Select a niche
2. Perform competition research
3. Secure a supplier
4. Build your e-commerce website
5. Create a customer acquisition plan
6. Analyze and optimize

Auguste Piccarde: ma chi te la fatta la centralina.....??? un asino!!! va peggio di un originale con un anticipo di 2 decimi... digli di cambiare mestiere !!!!!!
Birthday Boi: I have no goddamn idea of who this guy is and i have no idea what Back Cover is so I pretty much 98% kh fan
CptBishop: doesnt work at win 8.1
Arjun Ak: i saw in review that we have to press power button to switch ON the screen to attend the call. is it correct?