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Joshua Barnes: coluld you send me a gift please
Amy Parsons: I love wooden roller coasters and I had little expectation from this coaster that looked small. Boy, was I glad I rode it. It was one of the best wooden coasters I've been on. There is no point in the ride that it slows down and there is no way to stay in your seat in the back. It threw me around and there were moments I had to put my hand back on the hand bars. To make it better, the park is so quiet that you can ride it multiple times with little to no wait.
Daniel D: I have a question to all of you: Would you rather have this beautiful packaging OR would you settle with the same product with a normal pkg $5-$10dlls less expensive?? you know the pkg will end up in the thrash anyway....
Anthony Hall: talk about a 2K XFL game
王真: Shy is best.
The Real Modelholic: The ISU ist an awesome tank and a very nice kit. I like this russian tanks a lot. Thx for showing. And one of my favorite tank in the onlinegame "world of tanks":-) Btw: the Shilka is great too. I build one from Meng. 2 very nice kits in your stash!!
AldoGaming22: Thanks Very Much!!!