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Robinho ColoFilho: 00:04 the dog's like: "oh god, there he goes again!" ahahahahhahahah
J M: what size are the rims & wheels ??
Carmen Surano: It’s 2018 and it’s still funny
Samarth Grover: Completely agree with you man ! Pretty great review
Richard Mudy: LG G5 выходит
Stress Ali: watching him cut isn't exactly a "tutorial" to many novice barbers they wouldn't know what the hell he's doing it would be much more helpful if he explained his steps as he went through the cut.
Breet65: The automatic sieve has two slots. One for fortune upgrades and one for speed upgrades. I suggest getting the fortune upgrades. And the upgrades stack up to 64. More fortune = less sifting you have to do. But it requires more power for each upgrade.