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YOU DON'T SAY?: I checked my Skype cuz I heard Skype thingy
cartoonnetkool: U stole this from World Of Longplays
Bryan Barraza: WELL DONE DUDE XD 
Maitreya Vibhooshan: can this tab used for voice communications................ 
Jules Verne: My Father owns the Philips 46" 120 Hertz Full 1080p Ambilight Spectra 4 Wi-Fi SmartTV.The Contrast Dynamics are Super-Bright Screens with Full Ultra-Contrast on Vivid Smooth Razor Sharp Images in"Full Deep Colour 30bit Deep Colour or 2^30bit =1,073,741,824 Billion Colour Razor Ultra-High Contrast Bright Display even in Full Sunshined Lighted Afternoon Sunlight Rooms do to its Full Ambilight Spectra 4,= 800 cd/meters^2 LED Backlighted Surface LCD Screen.A Knockout to see my Father's HDTV Philips!
sp10sn: May be a stupid question but when we're talking about the amperage settings, what's the voltage - do we always assume 240V for welders?
Patrizio Masseroni: lol, poor fascist parachuter, my granfather was a mc 200 pilot , real "fascist"but well recommended escaped the air fight and started working on the ground .... well done granpa,"w il duce" and let others being slaughtered uahuahuah