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cosgrove notts: Crap pack ability lol. Have you seen the size of the storage bag. I've bought one. Very disappointed about the pack down size. It's miles too big bordering on useless. ..
Chesco: Gross game, eww.  Not fun gameplay.
Kornami: What was wrong with the Torino?
Adrien Williams: What is the conversation about? I watched a couple of segments trying to understand what is the initial dispute over, no one is stating what started the conversation.
Shaine MacDonald: I love how he just assumes we've all heard about his book "10-20 Life." I've been powerlifting for a while now and never heard of Brian Carrol or his book until now.
Brandon Willis: Amazing Art as well
Cc21playa: Dude are u serious? Take them off car, strip calipers, blast them, paint, reassemble. Powder coat them.