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dibil 228: Волк и голем не атакуют криперов
Ann Leavins: Thank you! New battery, here I come. I was getting ready to throw it into the trash.
ensebalis: сейчас почти везде одно говно продают.
Resul Aydogdyyew: Здравствуйте пожалуйста напишите мой електрони почта aydogdyyew_94@mail.ru
Lane Burke: I've had lunch in that cafeteria!! It was awesome. I've walked down the star wars halls and seen all the cool artifacts and pictures!! It was the best day ever!!
NazarBurnjakov: На машинке стоят дисковые тормоза или барабаны?
ME 0020: american confectionery is an abomination. I was sick hearing about Twinkies so i tried one and it was honestly like biting into a rod of uranium like i'm a fat cunt and i could only stomach one bite.