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waltdog177: Watched Red Lights the other day, quite a good film. There was a few parts where it felt like it dropped off a little but the ending was sweet and Cillian Murphy was awesome in it! as was Elizabeth Olsen!
Tazmanian Devil: Bring back racing rivals
Joaquin Bresan: Good information friend. Thanks for sharing.
ネコ好き: オモチャはある程度まとめ買いしてるんですか?

Aman Jismani: need contact number for instalation on that item,but dont know where can i get?
SwPiotrek: Thanks for video!
1Pen: I don't believe Rasputin was evil at all and certainly didn't deserve what he got from Felix yussupov , tensions where high at this point in Russia, but the tsarina let him have influence over her, this was because he was known to heal tsarevich Alexei when hit with attacks of his illness, how true his healing was god knows, but it worked for Alexei, any mother would be desperate to keep him around. Rasputin's downfall was trying to influence the tsarina politically, and his behaviour outside court. As for the tzar he was a excellent husband father but wasn't a strong enough ruler like his father and so on, long live the Romanov's .