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Julian Rodriguez: This is a good video. 1200 are tanks on the outside. But the insides take a little patience.
Noga S: I'm doing this for a convention in 2 weeks.
I also have a chunk of bubblegum's hair (pink cotton for nail polis removing) in a mason jar, and a flute (a tube of gift wrapping paper, painted with acrylics wrapped in bandages). I'm also using a Jake The Dog phone case so that my phone would match the theme, and I have his green backpack, containing all of the above plus a book painted to look like the Enchiridion. Plus I'll be binding my breasts to look more boyish.

sharpcheddarful: sweetest move on tour right there
beats angel10: ためになりました おかげで今度ガバメントを買おうと思います
matias ezequiel: ahora estan personajes del GT en ese y te vienen todos los personajes desbloqueados pero no las batallas
Jbar: no offence but that was terrible
joel morris: So I live in temple and was wondering what's the best tournament series to get into around the central tx area for first time go around?