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Billy Esparza: How the freak did fall of the crystal empire top the year end list if it was number 5 here?
Fernando Salazar: PS4 and XBOXONE are both garbage consoles, the worse consoles ever made are those two
lil cooker: I think that this is really cool.
jnathanroyable: They have you a faulty power supply. What bull. >:(
Rohit m: my ATV stuck on the apple logo plz help
Gary Mason: freak tim, look how far you have come now !
Israel Caban Jr: Most of us blow money like its water, many ppl look at this and look dumb founded when they know that Fridays, saturdays and every weekend they probably spend more money than the actual one time fee. being close minded for something that can possibly help u and ur family in a major way can be like looking at a thousand dollars and walking right passed it. my ppl think for a minute to urself and be smart.. life is all about chances, what are waiting for.. June said it best.. I'll see u either on the stage or I'll see u from it… lock down ur spot