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Roni Shawn: @Wanderlust:
May I ask, why we have to pay so much to watch this movie? There are people,like me, that are poor, but we NEED this. We NEED to be impacted by your film. Seriously, I have been praying that my debit card had 1.99 just to watch one part of the movie. I have over a dollar, but not 1.99, and I cannot watch it. I have cried, because I long to see the works of the Holy Spirit, and I hunger and thirst for more of Him, and I have heard that this will change our lives. But for the less fortunate, the disabled, the homeless, etc., we dont get that chance to watch the movie, because it costs so much. Granted, I totally understand why you have a fee. It is to cover the cost of the making of this film and everything that went along with it, every PERSON that went along on that journey, Is there ANY way possible, that there is a site out there, that will allow the less fortunate, but humble believers, that want to do God's work, and that love Him with every ounce of our body and soul> Please, please tell me there is? 
Thank you and God Bless.
(Praying that yall actually read the feedback/comments, because we are a hurting people, in the places that yall DIDn't travel to. We need this too. So, anyway, thank you for reading, if you did. 

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brazwen: What about making a desktop from scratch. No need to download a preset one from the internet. Is there any place where I can learn to make a desktop from scratch. Thanks. 
kundalinipsych: Do NOT do that.