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hellpets: Hey Splat, I just wanted to let you know a couple of things I found out while playing.
VC Cideral3OO: rolemine? JAJAJAJAJA y no tanto decias que era una mierda?, basicamente pueden ir a RiotMC (Server de Spyno) donde hay un monton de powers... (Fury, Savage, Sacred, NASA, Voltage etc..) el map es 1.5 facilmente pueden jugar ahi... y ah.. a los 25 members te givean una base con fullpots minerales protes yunques perlas etc..
Brayden Plays: HIS SHOES ARE SO COOL!!!!!
alex Android: descarguen directo de sammobile-firware ay estan todas las rom de todos los modelos galaxy-samsung saludoss!!!!
Jirapat Poomsils: เนร์มากูกกกกกกกกก
Derrick Raj: love your videos
nat21myria: Jin is the one that dies and everyone is feeling the void so their life comes tumbling down until they each commit suicide themselves. The Japanese version shows Jin looking up at heaven so he dies of a heart decease because the Lilly is over his heart but that's speculation but at the video it clearly shows Jin looking up at heavens light.