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Issac / Para_Bersy: When I try to flash this I stay stuck on the loading screen .. Samsung Galaxy S3 4.2.1 TWRP Recovery 2.3
Texarkana Trio: Is 4k filming still an option?
Pingo bags: I have the same 100F capacitor, had it running 8hrs on a joule thief with 5 leds.  I also did a discharge test using an iMax B6 charger.  It discharged at 1amp for 30min, from 2.6v to .55v.  I'm gonna run another joule thief test.  I noticed if I run 2 leds in series instead of parallel, it'l use 13mAh less with the same brightness. So in theory, it should run around 14-15 hrs.
Dobanat3r: @iiSuFiix nope why?
Nick Kent: I can't even get to a 0G....
ออกัส ฟาติมา: พี่ขยัญหนูยังไม่เคยเล่นกับเพื่อนค่ะ
Anton Sychev: Ага, обзор пароочистителя без теста пара. Нормальный ваще нет?