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s nonya: im guessing the game had some updates by the time i got it im able to carry at least 7 camping supplies maybe more but i might never know because by the time im ready to return to a village ive used most of them up.
Flubber Flops: Curse this phone!  I was stuck with this POS for 5 months after I ruined my iphone 5 in water.  I paid my penance and now I have an awesome HTC One. 
Oleksiy Rizanenko: Смартфон просто БОЖЕСТВЕНЫЙ
Patrick Himmelreich: cool
ingoodmusic: мечта детства, романтика с рулем)))для взрослого человека-эт конечно дичь
Цезарь и Джулия: Спасибо большое!!!
Анастасия Лоскутова: Спасибо, полезный бот.