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Manisa Tardis: Qué gran vídeo.
Axtro: I know you might not read this, you might just reply “watch my videos”, you might just give me a link to help me. Please just hear me out for a second. I’ve been trying to do dropshipping for over 2 month now. With my instagram account not growing and me being a lone wolf at this, it’s very hard. I have money, I have time, I just need someone to personally help me go through this. You probably won’t want to waste your time on me but I can pay you if you really want me to. I’m 14, turning 15 in April, and i just want money for a new camera as I am into photography. I take graphics and art as GCSE (My Finals) so I can design logos and have a very explorative and adventurous mind. Please just contact me in any way, through youtube if even. Instagram: taylor.carrick , Email: t4yl0r_c@yahoo.com
DESCOMPENSADO: o cara ta passando o bizu de como toca a musica em momento algum nos videos ele fala que é cantor. parabéns fera por passar seus conhecimentos.
Dragon_fan: rending log on this account and play with it with obsidian armor should be better now
Марк Дикуль: Хотите вылечить сахарный диабет, но вам говорят ваши врачи, что это невозможно или что-то в этом роде, понимаю, мне тоже так говорили. На самом деле уже есть хорошее средство, появилось недавно, вот: supersredstvo777.ru/otdiabeta
Просто фармацевтам и клиникам не выгодно, чтобы человек выздоравлилва быстро, т.к. для них вы постоянный источник дохода в перспективе.

Savage Department Randy Speaking: koala hybrid is also in this