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Cavalier LeBron: @WwweUndertakerfan yup, freak rondo
Dee Yvthai: anyone ever tell you that you're very loud
Александр Петрович: Мне понравилось в конце видео "это даст вам огромную возможность ! не забудьте нажать актив профайл спасибо дасвидания !!!" я ору!!!! )))))))
Bruno César: Maneiro o vídeo Chico! Tô montando um setup para Carve e tenho uma dúvida sobre essa parte cavada (cônica) da roda da moska. Na montagem no Truck, a logo fica para dentro e a parte cavada fica para fora?
Edward Snellbaker: Can u please tpye on subtitle for me so I could understand what u say n what kind u use Thank u
Will Bourne: Great vids Pete, I've done a lot of wild camping over the years and still liking seeing how others set up their kit ,always more to learn, just made a very small windbreak some tin foil & thin card inspired by Kenneth Crame's camping oven ,always trying to save weight ,all the best Will
Sasha Riley: Nice video but that background music was very annoying