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ankush gupta: fon is good, but a huge disappointment is camera flash !
its too weak and not enough bright...apart from weak its having a bluish hue which makes it even worse

prankwars damn Daniel: Them are small the size of your jugs are what we put rocks in for weight so the fish wont drag it anymore
SUPERBIKE: hello, your great video, please allow me to use your video for my channel, I will record the source of the video, thanks
Erik Sanchez: what if the reborns were just having a cookout???
Ichoose Tobeanon: I am considering buying a Fury X, but wasn't sure if it would be compatable with my monitor - An analog LG w2243 (LCD, VGA port only).  I'm on the look out for another monitor, but wanted to get the card first to finish my build. Any ideas if it would work?
Kenan Zubrod: hör nicht auf den spast er dumm der weiß nicht das Suárez auch auf dem Flügel spielen kann
CHERANO KREEFT15: Swans can be dangerous if they have childeren