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Kei Last: Bluetooth kulaklık bağlandığında mikrofonu sayesinde konuşma yapılabiliyor mu bununla?
Steve cityzen: Hangsen is by far the best RY4 iv tried. I'm a ex smoker and it gives a great flavour
JOANNES EST NOMEN EJVS: My first short board was a town and country Brad Gerlach model shaped by Ben Aipa in 1989 with bi-level rails which Kelly calls double rails. Double rails are very very fast but unpredictable and sometimes they slide out when trimming if you're not used to it and they can catch when trying to do a full carving cut back but that was just me. Very fast though interesting he brought that up I thought no one remembered that type of rail
Скальпинг_Трейд: новый брокер бонус 100% при пополнеии https://pocketoption.com/?utm_source=affiliate&a=N1bdjuHVtLR5ev&ac=youtube_trader222&code=100BONUS
Janice Evans: Hi, I was just wondering if you used coconut fractionated or coconut solid?  I've been wondering if the fractionated coconut oil would cause batter to be slow tracing? Beautiful colours in this... you've got a lot of patience lol!
henry mensah: Macbook pro 2014 core i5 8GB 256 vrs Macbook air 2015 core i7 8GB 512
Johan B.: Why does one want a clock on the desktop, when there's already one on the taskb... euh panel?? Well each his or hers own i gess.