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Cole Dalton: sure
Kamylerr Eugit: ▆▆▆▆▆
Hey guys !
I discovered a cool Boom Beach H4ck Gen4rator.
Now i have unlimited diamonds, g0lds,wood, stones and iron ;)
Visit my gplus account if you want it too: https://plus.google.com/104062209975732132241/posts/WEwPkxmNKpy Enjoy !

pablo solla (Meliodas HG): R.I.P Kyle Windrix he is a good guy
脳内アルゴリズム解析器: 音質は良好だけど、前方向の立体音響の再現性がまったくない。全部の音が頭の後ろか頭上、もしくは耳そばで聞こえる。方耳じゃなくてマイク中央前方を録音してみたらどーなんでしょうね。
ManoKuerten: lol, awesome video. thank you!
jay balangue: english please....
Britt Cook: Tractors are good 👀