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Nabman11: Not to mention there's a mod that ports these tracks onto Mario Kart Wii
lorem ipsum: Sanders the ultimate cuck sponsored by Jewish degeneracy.
Cơ Thạch Nguyễn: Hi, how to remove nexus 5 from this case
brad neumann: My work is always kitchens and mainly bathrooms. I needed a lightweight saw that can be carried up to the 2nd floor and small enough to fit in a bathroom. I did this with my dewalt for years, and my mk before that. I can tell you this is as good as it gets. If you depend on your table for a true cut on any saw - your nuts....they all have play. And if you have never needed a 45 degree cut on tile, than you've never done custom tile. Sorry but I can tell you as fact that i have done 12x24, 24x24, 6x42...etc with this thing and its a workhorse. The only thing that broke in 4 years was the water pump...300 was a small price to pay.
Bunny: bit heavy, innit?
Backup account Jireh777 777: Spoilers: Callahan's magnum
julialoveeyouu x3: dieses spray wird auch bei Neurodermitis zur kühlung und Beruhigung der haut benutzt :D schön das du weiter machst