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James: You are a cool nerd bra!
Юрий Тюрин: Привет! пластины нельзя соединять болтами т к закорачиваешь магнитное поле магнита а сделай алюминиевыми клепками !!
the only one Mr Z: let me guess',,, you got to be 21 and over to get G license ? and what else Do i need ? .
what other test do I need to pass. drug test ?
class test ?
people test ?
im 22 years old
about to be 23 .
please reply 2 me .

Muhammad Siddique: excellent way and innovative thing in literature
jordantaviatommeka: nice review thanks
BigBadBam: On Foot Controls - 1:10
Ship Controls - 7:03

Todd Jacobs: I love my concours, but kawasaki needs to put a factory cruise control on their touring bike....