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baongoc bui: Cảm ơn hihihi. cô giáo xinh
Andrew McCullough: You're not paying extra forbade square face. it's for a compact head matched with a far superior shaft surely? I have a Matrix white tie in mine and I ADORE it. #driversaredinosaurs
Esther Lewis: The red dress was swallowing you up, the first two tops were ok, but I think for $95 a month you could go to Ross or tjmax and buy similar tops that you can actually keep
Conscious: When is Vegan SoulFest 2017?
TheCausation: go see it, it's great!
Dau Le: Cám ơn cô giáo dễ hiểu dễ học...
xXG.L.HXx: One issue i see here is that plastic piece that rides on the spur gear melting. Still debating what to do with my VFC gears, replace, leave alone until they break or trying shimming them.