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punk blink: ses quoi la toune de cette annonce la genre si quel qun ma trouve trop malade
Victory Salta: The most racist website. I decided to put it under "the test". I created 3 accounts: one for an average/less attractive white girl, one for a very beautiful black girl (who is a very successful model in my home country but since no many people know my home country, not many people know her) and one for a very beautiful asian girl (who is also a model in my home country). Results that I got 80% of people voted for the first girl to beautiful, 15% OK, black girl was not even accepted (which is sad cause I think she is really beautiful) and an asian girl got 60% OK 30% ugly and 10% beautiful, which shows as long as you are white and not extremely ugly you are beautiful. For other races you are simply ugly for this web site sorry peps :(
Nika Louw: Who's watching in 2017??
Rishabh Verma: heloo......i need some help.I am using dell streak and i want this asphalt 5 . whenever i run it, its in a very low resolution. please tell me how to make full screen. If it requires some download then please provide me with the best download link......please
Chloe Knipe: love you sooooooooooo much cookie you are the best
thisiszaphod: This takes bloody ages.
Esther Lewis: Your eyes girl 😍😍