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Robert Wolfe: you talk like Lemony Snicket....the children's writer not an insult, just an observation nice vid
jakeAK69420: well if you ever want a even more strange car, get an XT/Acylcone, nice example still a
Lemony Len: Their pants are tighter than mine...
Mono Nonny: Jeff's a worthless piss bug. Probly went back to his hole after this to write about how corruption has inherited the state.
John R: Thanks for the review, I just ordered a pair. Hoping to do a long thru hike in the Sierra, soon. Seems the hiking community is taking a dislike to boots in general, and a particular dislike to Gore Tex. My first choice probably would have been the regular Ventilators over the Gore Tex, for summer, Sierra terrains, but they were an open box that I couldn't pass up.
Metallica281083: how is this finish called
SunnyBunneh: I'm going to the ag place tomorrow and i am going to get MAG 61!