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Harry Shoemaker: Now with Stitch's Great Escape closing soon, what will become of our little experiment 626 and the rest of his Ohana?
Zachery Madison: What the hell was that Boom Boom song?? So amazing! I blasted it at work and everyone took their pants off!
Samuel: This commercial made me want to blow up buildings and shoot myself in the mouth.
NitekMuscle: People have moved on to Galaxy Notes.
Don Jobin: The Muon, youtube Brian Cox builds a cloud chamber, indirectly it shows why we detect Muons on the ground, without time dilation.
LBPPlayer7: Nothing is different between the disc of the upgrade and non-upgrade versions,just the installer checks for different things like the non upgrade version checks if a Windows directory is on the root of the C:\ drive,and if one exists,it prevents installation,and the upgrade version does the same thing,but instead it prevents installation when a directory called Windows DOESN'T exist. You can deceive the installers by either renaming the windows folder or deleting it,or creating one.
Michael Federman: Smile the sun will come up tomorrow