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Andres Rojas: Hola, buenas noches, veo que controlas el Plex al dedillo, espero puedas ayudarme, actualmente no tengo acceso remoto, me sale la admiración en rojo, he intentado modificando el puerto publico sin lograrlo. Tengo un router tplink, en la configuración del router entro en UPnP y allí sale el Plex media server con el puerto interno 32400 activado, no modificable. Necesito ayuda, Como puedo acceder a la conexión remota???
stuart ross: Should stick to reviewing washing machines.
johhny walker: reed is a freaking maggot, cant just cut my boy off like that
he478: You are really talented and gorgeous, but the excessive use of jump cuts in the beginning and end sequences of your videos lowers the overall credibility of their content. Furthermore, i would advise that you cease such detrimental behavior.
David Ramirez: we're do you buy that game
ShotokanEditor: I hope the freaking freakers who made this mockery can see now how bad it was and feel like crap from all the reviews.
Matt Baldwin: how tall are you and what size did you pick up for both? I'm smaller build as well 5'6" athletic build