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Dennis West: i got a pair im selling, size 12 brand new, in the box in the closet for many years now, jordan card and everything Columbus ohio
RUSLAD: Совсем обнаглели. Они бы там без русских туристов вообще загнулись. И Айя-Напа и весь Кипр. Ещё завтраки зажимают. Сталина на них нет.
william briden: Dude, thank you so much for this information! Your shoe reviews are SO on point that I check your channel before I make any type of purchase at all. #subscribingnowOne.
Pauline Campbell: got the coupon, tnx! +sweeTpi 
trevor corey: Very Interesting with how you put a window air conditioner on this tent. How well does it work with that 1000w bulb? Any heat issues? What do you do with the heat made from the AC unit??
Great looking grow by the way, hope everything is well.

Rich Diamondz: Let's put this Ainol novo 10 hero 2 up against Ibex fly touch 10.. That's gonna be a true comparison right there.. Thanks for the vids...
Simply Jah-nette: These are really good for the price! Love the jacket you have on ;)