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Eldo Neto: pra quem utiliza os 4 botões superiores nao vale a pena.
marios toufexis: terrano power
0deadx21: It was January 2016, and I already knew that if there was a reward for the Worst Animated Feature of the Year, Norm of the North would have won it right then and there with absolutely no competition from the rest of the year. And I was right. How bad must a movie be that you don't need to check out the rest of the competition for find the winner?!
Mohd Amir Asyraf: PLEASE HELP ME. What is the name of company that produces this awesome Zoids figure? Help me to answer it. I think i need this one so bad 😭
medievalslave: I bet Sarah Palin would be shocked if she knew how Louis Vuitton treats their Jewish employees in America!
The Life of Jessica: I love the intros
Tyler Frank: Why'd they change her eye color, I dont like it