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Pawn Offer: Thanks for the video!
Salvador Macias: Know if you're interested Cyclops the other hand Michael Jackson bad
Jamelou Degamo: Hi ms noe!ask tako san nyo po nabili yung nivea na primer nnyo?can i have the link of the site?salamat po:)
Anything4adollar: If anyone would have asked me how many solo albums JW has put out...I would have guessed 5 or 6. Great review and was particuarly glad to hear the CL review as well. Keep up the good work guys!!
Rotorage: Hi I was wondering where part 2 of this video is as I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the final build and the flight test you were gonna do.
Nickie Bea: It seems to me like john cena has aattitude problem because I watched all of his matches from 2002 and it seems whenever someone wants him to snap they provoke him and finally when he does they regret even messing with him and now it seems he trying to control his anger. I definitely like the dark side of cent more. He more fun
Lego Phillip: Bob more like Barbie