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Authentically B: Hello! My personal image was used. It’s number 10. Please give me photo credit.
Thank you!

Павел Моргунков: Ёмкость батареи соответствует орегинальной? Сейчас планшет служит?да,и ссылка опять не работает.
Amri Abu: คลอรินไปไหน
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Nesmo Sports: Nice job bro! Great feeling to turn your kids on to the hobby!! Hope he Loved it!!
gallina568: Yeah.. Me too +karla212006... I was using it the past 2 months
and it was great! I never forgot how my skin got
tighter w/in a weeks and the dimples & bumps
were starting to fade! Great isnt?

Cristina Cid Carrillo: Total mente seguro