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william wan: If Trump try to sing anything he will die for lack of oxygen...he can barely breath while talking
kate tomlinson: Very cute but I did see kitty bite the tablet! So Id be afraid they would scratch it up. Its an expensive toy for a cat. Not to be the party pooper but for me I worked very hard to get my surface and it wasn't cheap so I really don't think Id like watching my cat scratching the screen all up.  
Hamza bnnceur: I hope I have a computer only, but I can not buy it and not even my father because I'm po 😢😭
PC-WELT: ►NEUAUFLAGE: Die besten Gaming-Tasturen 2017: https://youtu.be/jCZQCy4CJOo
gitapat Wangyao: พี่อยากทําบ้่างจัง
Brian: Well done John! Fishing at night can be a different ball game compared to daytime. Well done getting into some fish!
james Thomas: hey, thanks for sharing this info as an experienced service engineer in one of the best Combi boiler company I have seen most of the people don't know how to maintain properly that is the only reason for all the problems if they maintain with frequent cheaks no issues will raise the way your explaining is good keep going