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Kega: i wonder if anyone has this even
nemashka N: А чем вы ножки отрезаете? Я все никак не могу понять для себя минимальный набор для работы с деревом (лего пилящимся типа зубочисток и палочек для суши как раз) и полимерной глиной. Подскажете? :)
Samuel 101: It sounds like Danee Kiveeat.
The Dark Prime Reviews and Stop Motions: What mold is the Black Convoy behind the Robotmasters Black Convoy?
Skills Done: No they are NOT from NYC LOl
Real G: freaking pure flavour. I kinda think that people whos breaking for a longer time is able to understand stuff like this. And somebody said bad musicality? wtf I feel his every move right to the beat. Original flavour thats what its all about. I dont wanna see like 100 kid davids or just people that dont care about themselves they care about practicing some freaking impressive and explosive stuff. And Thomaz is freestyling, dancing. Hes freaking amazing.
Will Forsyth: how much did it cost?