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Ethan Nelson: Old bikes vs a new can am with silverbacks. Don't brag to much
Otaku_GameFan: Man, how come there hasn't been a new Onimusha for PS3... Or newer game consoles lately?
РОМАН ТУДОС: приколна 5+++
Cecilia Cordero Meneses: apenas me compre un blu neox pero mis compañeros dicen que es mala inversion quisiera que me dijeras sus ventajas de este equipo porfis
Z71Ranger: You did NOT sale me... This looks like a crap way to fix a boat... I would just reset the rivet... Do it right the first time not a JUNK patch job... LOL this crap is a lot like that TV crap Flex Seal... Hell that TV crap may be better than this junk...
Meta B: This a cute wig looks good on u. I love the color and the length of the wig, I just wished it had a part or lace. Orhan that it's gorgeous.
Elliot J Vidal: how you know whats Upstream or Downstream ?