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Sebastian Chmielowski: kurwa nic nie jest super , Totalny debil jak można szlifować , spawac bez zabezpieczenia maszyny AMATOR KURWA !!!!!!!! Nara
craig haye: Help help help plz i have one cause i saw it on ur channel but it won't fly plz visit my channel to see what the problem is n help me plzz...........
yo mamma: looks like something from Demolition Man..... gay
Shadow Mario: Super Mario 64 on Nintendo Wii in a Nutshell.
Сергей Белов: Ну и да торпедные аппараты 4-хтрубные. Как 15 получилось тоже загадка))
خيمياء الاهلي: hhhhh yeah shut up
tom lawrence: I passed and in the last few months they've slowly grew on me it wasn't the color I'm not normally a fan of lows made from a high or mid shoe but the cheapest I have seen was $200 so I just kept waiting and as ALWAYS in this thing patience PAYS OFF just bought a ds sz14 (I gotta go up in lebrons there a lil snug in my true 13) for $125 SHIPPED so the moral is DON'T BE AFRAID TO PASS IF U FEEL THE PRICE AIN'T RIGHT unless it's something STUPID LIMITED that's a whole OTHER category