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P.P.H Review: sử dụng được cho máy camera của hp không
Emma Adkins: Hi so I kinda need help. I'm new to the whole convention scene and the first one in going to is Matsuricon with my friends as a birthday gift. I feel like it's mostly anime, which I'm into, but I've had a Harley Quinn cosplay that I've wanted to use for ever, so would it be weird? Cause I'm not sue if there's any Harley Quinn or DC events, but she's mah girl and I've had this ready forever. I just don't want to be the only one there and people think that I should've gotten some memo (probably a stupid question but I've had this on my mind for a while)
Tiki80: Omg if this is another rumour than I'll be very upset..
Tournié laurent: please in others video open video game like clash of clans or wgt golf this game take a lot video charge i would want to see if this video games are no video lag on this phone thank you for your reply
Juan Carlos Hernandez: Cool!!!!!!!!!👍
Eric Miller: To much tweaking of mods, adding too much difficulty to your game makes for a very hard to watch the video. Sorry, but I came in to check out the mod, not watch, you trying to show off by making the game harder then it needs to be.
AngelicDetective86: this show is surprisingly unique so far... :)