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Kanwar Anand: Although I consider myself fairly adept with sound devices, this is a new discovery for me. I think the fact that it has two ports as output, its brilliant cause now that I'm married the wife would hear what I'm hearing without infiltrating my zone hehe.
ThatPixelNacho: Guys I was accidentally responding questions with my other account, Gamernation2000. If he commented, that's me
wilk701: The perfect way to play guitar, I wish the solo part was mixed so much louder, it's really awesome. Izzy is a genius!
jimbo081: @Drag90210 No
Ryan Garcia: Kobe in his prime all day
Paul Tabet: hey +Tippmann Parts  if i loose the feeding rod that pulls back the spring. will i be able to pull it back with my fingers? oh will i have to buy another rod?