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Mia Brown: A good show is pretty little liars so much drama
allan figueroa: I HAVE THE SAME BUNDLE XD
hotboy1462: Wow du legst 2 Eier in einer Truhe auf zwei Slots das nenn ich mal Platzverschwendung pur ;) Das schaffst aber auch nur du.
FlipTheAngryAsian: wonder what kind of mpg it gets
some ordinary critic: who is Ratcliffe from
Xterm gaming: How did you know what was in the front of the x and what number to multiply the x by? Jorge p.3

comingviking: Having seen your ice planet and class M success it was hilarious to watch your first attempts in these vids. Especially all the "I think we're doing REEEAL good" comments. Thanks. I guess the game should have stressed that "the smallest mistake can put your colony in a crisis that it will not recover from. This will happen with hardly any warning."