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Lion of Judah: 2:22 me when my woman's frigid
RICHARD TOMA: I miss the real characters of wrestling. Some didn't have six packs...looked out of shape haha but they were and had character.
Mehmet Arslan: Kardeş linkler ölmüş yenilermisin. Anlatımın çok iyi inş uygulayabiliriz :)
TridonaSxD: αν βαλεις την φλατ επιφάνεια σε καποιο κουμπι πατιετε ακομα?
dfunkt: poor liang jiankun!...looks like he freaked-up his ankle at 0:54, and it threw his whole game off.  :(
digigen: Why do they all start out so sad if they've "never heard the song"?
Rahul G: Very nice car! Nothing better than the nitro sound. your car is very well maintained.