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EL virus 9!!!: hey cool can you buy for me
Tim Hsu: Excellent review, love your video, I am a inventor based in Houston, I invented revolver lens system (revolverlens.com), which I believe it is a unique and very innovative solution for smartphone photography, will you be interested to review it :)
Syamala Subba reddy: Tysonadkaiare best
Xing Honey: How is the underbody protection? Engine cover etc. Is it good for some offroading?
animalia555: Bra sizes in Japan are different then in America. So a Japanese J cup isn't necessarily the came as an American J cup
Hugh Intheair: Really great tutorial, I was going daft trying to figure out why my Guest addtions was failing with an incredibly dumb "kernel not valid" and "missing entries form libraries...X", when Oracle VB told me I was using an up to date version of its software. Watching your video it was easy to see that I was doing everything right, it was just the version of Guest additions was out of date, but Oracle VB was not. Thanks very much for the helping hand ;)
eduardo lopez: Hola, me puedes ayudar, como puedo encontrar este archivo o la ruta del mismo: