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wash 'n' rinse: how many rpms
GV Amor: Oh my goodness... I just wish I was your big brother, I would totes let you rest in my bed on stormy night, hug you under the covers and pet your head while you tell me all your troubles. I feel like hearing you talk intimately in my ear about all the little things in your life would make all my sadness melt away.
Ben rasho: what if you don't have ITUNES???
sheena123: i want whitney back for season 7
Shaun Zhang: If you download a free Ebook from anywhere other than the Kobo Store and loaded it onto Kobo Glo, will the Kobo dictionary in the Kobo Glo work with it? Have you ever tried doing it? Please respond as soon as you can.
Rita Geraghty: While I have been listening to you, I have been writing Gregg Shorthand inside my head. It is a tough exercise but it is good for pulling brain's muscle and tapping memory.
Hamidou Sow: LOri is AMAzing cheese dog