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FrostAssasssin: Dat moment when u have full volume and a loud ass ad pops up
Tony Vue: It may be slow, But my civic is Hella clean as freak and nice looking compared to the Em1
Channel Z: When is the next video Keith ?
idontknowwhattonamemyprofile: 0:22 YOU JUST LITERLY SAID THAT YOU ATTACK OTHR YOUTUBERS! AND THEN ALL YOUR FANS ARE LIKE, "oh look at pewdiepie fanboys attacking the archfiends channel FOR NOTHING, pff their ''bro army'' is soo pathetic, haha what a bunch of losers, i bet they are like 12, and arent even intelligent" welp first of all you cant even say crap about my intelligence because you dont even know me, and then you just literly said "i was making videos, of attacking other youtubers" i dont know what to say right now i am leaving, next time your fans try to hate on ME, pewdiepie,other youtubers, and anyone else, i will just remind them about this video and see how will they protect their opinion after that! :P
ColterAZ: Thank you for this easy tutorial. It took me all of 10 minutes to replace my battery (for the first time), and that was only because I stopped the video multiple times to ensure I was doing things correctly. If I ever have to replace the battery again, it'll only take a few minutes. The only thing I will say is that my system does not have the 2 red leads that fit together. I'm not sure why (the system was already installed when I bought the house), but perhaps others' systems might be configured the same way, so it's just something to note. I just skipped that step.
sumathy shivani: nice
Andrew Tache': at :23 seconds the a2000 is upside down...