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никита кустов: Что стоит брать я между двух мат.плат бегаю вот этой и ASUS B85-PRO GAMER что выбрать подскажите знающие?
stufaman: Trust EA to screw up a port.
Tim Last: Is this a bit?
Ato Thapru: Still Wondering😂😂😂
SuperJoes70: Hi I have a 1974 Avanti I was thinking of using this kit , I really was thinking of going with manual windows , do you know what kind of motors they use ? can You get a replacement ?? ,do the widows go up faster with this kit ?, than stock THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO I think this will help a lot people with the same problem , I just don't know which way to go rebuilt the stock motors or go with this kit thanks again Joe
наташа коломиец: Обожаю твои содержательные видео и тебя.
Roberto Velasco: I recommend hard game