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PapaGeorg10: I tried it. Its snake oil. I didnt feel any difference
Ben: Brilliant. Well done.
Hi, Neighbor!: I actually like this commercial. The Fiesta bowl was one of the greatest games ever played, definitely one of the biggest upsets ever, but this is a video game commercial. So it's from Adrian Peterson's standpoint playing the game, that in the game he can alter history. I'm actually surprised he agreed to do the commercial. The Fiesta bowl loss must have still been fresh in his mind.
teammit: Lol do you even lift
WhatTheBlaze106: Is this Vonmar ?
Alex Sharov: Здравствуйте! Для рабочего объема 220 литров Fan-3 подойдет? Ваше мнение.
Shaik Aslam: HEllo Merlin,