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Forrest Trump: ...Ant got fired like a month after this....before Bobo's birthday!!!!
The Woodworkers Shoppe: Our log siding runs from about $2.00 a SQ FT and up. So It's really not to bad. 
Relytia: $3 was considered steep for a self published indie game back then? Oh how times have changed.
Erich Böhm: Erich:Ich habe dieses Super Gerät bekommen, es gibt aber aber keinen Ton ? Lautstärke eingestellt aber kein Ton
normellow: GOD Bless AMERICA !
MrPdash: my truck seems to be running fine. .but my oil pressure keeps dropping every time I'm at a stop sign or red light. .could that sensor be the issue?
Vishal gupta: Superb!!!!!!!!!