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Thomas Peham: Thanks for sharing this video! I'd love to recommend the following article on some essential Trello apps & plugins: http://usersnap.com/blog/trello-tools-integrations-development/
Uncool RS: edit software?
Tical Hezzy: neither of those lebrons were the All Star versions.
Nico Maecy: Awesome work Cara!!!!!!!!
Matthew Bradley: You are my favorite youtube, had to come back and watch some old videos. plus this is my top 3 hoops shoes.
BrendanJ Rice: I wrote this with a pen
OriginalMissTee: Soooo ashy !! Returning it today for a darker shade because my friend and cousin swear by this. My cousin has chocolate (she's a caramel complexion) and my friend has ebony (dark complexion). Why I bought dark brown, I'll never know lol. It looked dark enough in the store but hell naw! Also NYX eyebrow gel in expresso is my fave right now and it's lighter than that.