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ปภากร ยอดภิรมย์: สาธุๆๆเจ้าค่ะ
G Hal: Less camera tricks. Wanted to see the Goldwing.
BiYou: Good video, I like your voice 😀
Firstname Lastname: But I can't wear these if they're tight. 
Ahmet SEYYAH: Timur abi çok faydalı bir video teşekkürler
shovelchop81 Biker Alex: What thisisbadstuff said below and cleaning the barrel is important too, not as important on a firearm but still needs to be done. Thanks for the video! Oh different pellets too, airguns can be very fussy about which pellets you use, since this is a match type pistol using match grade pellets would be a good place to start or just decent flathead wadcutters.
Nuri Bariun: “Very gummy, very wormy”