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Phaijit Saelai: อยากรุ้ว่าวิทีชุบแหวนให้ดำทำยังงัยค่ะ
Sound: n1 
Mike: I cant find these
Black Rex: That is awesome. Seems your track times would have been better if some of those more expensive cars would have gotten out of the way earlier. Thank for sharing!!
tsbulmer: Fun fact - Those old Versatile 5/5 Infusions, if made today, would cost about 173 Gold. Making a modern 5/9 today costs about 72 Gold, plus 300 Fractal Relics.
i am sue B: Awwww...Mr. and Mrs. Z!!!!! This video is the BEST 😍😍😍 It totally warms my heart. May Allah (swt) continue to support you all. May Allah (swt) continue to guide you all. May Allah (swt) continue to provide for you all 💛💛💛
Drunken Dovahkiin: Awesome creative job!