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c2asrmattia: @GoleadorCocco dimenticavo....il link della guida lo trovi nella descrizione del video.
Terrence Stewart: Just got 3 Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label (Original) with a 1.75 oz Tin of Escudo (NAVY DE LUXE) Pipe Tobacco today, Have not tried it yet can't wait.
VM gameplays: link
DaveIsGhost: Yes, but Game&Watch represents early gaming. I can absolutely understand why they would put have him in Smash Bros. Wii Fit Trainer.... ehh. She will probably be awesome though.
Descry: nice :)
Kinoman: Иван Бунин, даун это ты сука. Блокнутый в iguides хоть зашейся. хуй заюзаешь.
JOnss JOsn: If you need information related of windows, you can try this link:
>> https://plus.google.com/115369945488742245598/posts/E1Uj89x2pFK