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Trevor Clark: I have the actual car that they used in this video - had to pay a bit more as it was number 1 of 50 in the UK. I have had a 350Z in the past for about a year so I knew it quite well. I can say that I will definitely be keeping the Renault longer than a year. The Renault is superb. There is no other word for it.
Jessica Correia: Melissa meu sonho eh fazer um curso com vc sou sua fã amo seu trabalho
Matthew Harris: I'd love to see a test series review of England vs Pakistan 2001 or England vs Sri lanka 2002 ??
Fergus 110: You killed jeffrey when you built the pool!
BrayzinNar: Why did you only shoot one?
Cameron Hook: What was the Final Cost in this build... This thing is amazing and beautiful brother!!
ใต้เงา มัจจุราช: บุญไม่ถึงขอขับดัสสัน ดีกว่า