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Mustafa ALTINKAYNAK: Hocam başarılı bir video olmuş size bir sorum olacaktı benim aracima tesisati cektim ben soldan akuye + kablosunu goturdum ve ortadan da rca kablolarini sorun su anfiye teypten gelen tetikleyiciyi ve + yi bağlıyorum şasesini vermeden rca kablosunu takınca müziğe göre anfinin uzerindeki power ışığı yanıp sönüyor yani rca dan şase aliyor müziğe göre problem rca da olabilir mi
jpark0718: Yea. I stayed up all night half asleep, and ended up getting Ilamasqua blush in tremble, Buxom lip gloss in carmen, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in mini size and a Sephora by Opi polish. :)
ronaldo adams: good video
skirts365: To avoid a sensation like a cat burying its turd in my ear, video stopped at :02.  What makes you people experts?  Retards in special ed class are as talented as you jokers.  You say SSRI is hampered at Pitarilla by lack of water.  Imbecile--they knew the hydro situation when they acquired it and if it was prohibitive would not have done so.  When gold shoots past $4,000 they can easily finance Pitarilla from the Marigold mine in Nevada.  Maybe it's that you're hit men for short sellers rather than you have a box of rocks in your head.  Your name is so ridiculous I don't see how you draw in as many credulous suckers as you do.  You'd be living under a bridge, drinking rainwater and subsisting on crickets if people had any sense they'd tell you--"Leave us alone---can't you see we're busy?"  I see the other remark here, yes, you set people up to be fleeced by Pilgrims Society members on Wall Street.
Cristina Fernandez: thanks! help me understand some stuff
николай самохин: inlight 1000x4 у меня этот блок включается и 1 секунду отключается какая деталь вышла истрая
jeff oldham: can you tell me the part number for the cord and the strain relief connector at the back,,does the new terminal come with the cord,,and actually I need the bottom portion of the yellow handle also,,,thank you