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Lluís García Lamora: For spaceship flying games, would you recommend this rig over your previous 3DOF one? Are the 3 extra degrees worth it? Can this one achieve the same amount of pitch and roll ? Thank you! :)
Tiago Resendes unboxings: Thats only on the small joby magnetic
Youth Journalism International: Thanks for continuing to shine a light on this worldwide problem, Mr. Kristoff. Your work is important and inspirational and I thank you for using your talent to make such a difference. Bless her for her heartfelt message. I hope she can recover and have the good life she deserves.
Lucas Canal 5: quando eu vou no painel de controle, não aparece opção do tablet pc :(
James Evans: My 530d is remapped to 300bhp and a 535d can't even touch it. UK cars run different specs perhaps?
CrUG4MiNg: Linus I need your help i am trying to get rid of bitlocker on this tablet can you help me because i want to install win 10 on this tablet.
nick1177: @chrisandliam pavement isn't always the best for training on though.