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K. David Woolley: Games Workshop is really good on their replacement policy as it seems 10% of paints in a set are no good, during one of our exchanges they mentioned using Lahmiam Medium on transfers, some people may have this product, but not decal setting solution. Also from another video it seems it will dry matt so the decal isn't shiny, might be a nice option for folk.
Hazzardie: Are these any good for wide feet?
R.Jonathan Tan: i am also planning to buy one, but cant make up my mind between A850 and A859. i see that both of this model is at around the same price.only the year gap. why does the interface on A850 different from the A859 when both is using the same software/system/operating system, Android 4.2???? i like the A850  because of the large screen. but i also like the A859 because of its user interface, similar to iOS7 on Apple. Can someone/anyone help me decide?? i dont want to buy and regret. thank you.
KaylaNovella: Dude this video is soo helpful! I got a T3i and was so lost on why my videos looked so grainy. I learned a lot just from this single video! 😊
Даниил Доникэ: 2015 лайк
Bob Smith: what bridge?
Pastor Vera Fernandez: Dear Triyan:
Thank you for your email.
Please send back the information (due to internal computer problems your email was deleted)
I appreciate your kind attention.