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Nenitta Cotura: Oh no. Not this trying-hard-to-be-funny guy again. Annoying face as always
ArturoSanchez7: hola perdona yo tengo este movil pero se ve que esta en catalan me prodia decir como cambiarlo a castellano?
silvano gonzalez: Anyone notice a dramatic change in fuel consumption and performance??
Recently put 20s on my 16 sonata now my mpg is crap and car decelerates a lot quicker

Nahu Agustin: no puedo ponerlo en el fondo de pantalla
Cheryl Dotson: I get krusty when I am hungry! WHOOPS
hamburger sexy helmer: that's so pretty! and the music is really nice!
Zach Landry: they should release something that clips onto clothing that connect to the band wirelessly, they could do it using sync mode, clip it to your shirt near your shoulders for pushups and pull ups, clip it to your socks, road id, or pants for biking. would solve some probelms but still would leave a lot of activities untrackable