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Mike Brooks: Nice video guys. I will be fishing that same beach this July. I have all the right tackle and equiptment. Do you have any basic tips for beginners?
Shima Shimasik: Видно что при съёмке использовался ,,стедикам,, или ему подобный. Двигать из стороны в сторону недопустимо, так как картинка смазывается - ,,эффект желе''. В общем видео не ахти.
Bam be cat: WTF!!!
sebastian martinez: ?????? plese replay
AdventureMania: Can you guide me how to root and extend ram capacity on this device?
D LG: I'm planning on buying a Sprinter 3500 long wheelbase with 4WD, not to haul 7 kids, but for a 4-season RV conversion. I've been wanting to do this for years, but these things are expensive, not to mention the cost of a high quality conversion. That said, it'll be a helluva way to travel when it's all said and done.
Neha Umapathy: freak