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無名: 要怎麼解除觸頻解鎖 每次放口袋不小心就被解鎖
Ron Avants: Thanks for the info
Alexis Nuñez: Hеyуу jоueurs. Jе rесommаndе à tоut сеla:
=> https://twitter.com/3bc6f13624f905294/status/718827261156290560
Fоnctiоnnеnt très biеn, jе suis tоut роur 5 minutеs!
À vоtrе sаnté! DRАGОN CITY FIGHT with Purе Drаgоn АND Pure Теrrа Drаgоn and Рurе Ice Drаgоn

Richard Windsor: Haha, his awesome team built a horrible device. His tech products are worse then his music.
ScanderBeg73: Yeah I had to start doing this, going through Ebay to pick up my books. Which reminds me that thanks for mentioning Horizon comics on your Laundry Mat Haul vid a while back...lol. You know the one, in which you wanted to rip that guy that took out your clothes from the washer/dryer thinking they were his clothes..Lol! BTW great vid on where you shop for your comics. Great choices.
kianitra kennedy: Hi can u email me website for whole sale
Judy Xiong: i don't want to japan to see that ghibli museum I want in usa so peoples don't have to go japan for it I be happy and museum bulid is same as japan ever where in usa or any other state that are fan of ghibli