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patriotails: oh ok, was wondering what was happening
Mara Mirek: You can D O W N L O A D the G A M E
O N T H I S SITE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-lcMyu1uaGk9t2MNqanCuWs20_nbCJgHbNubCWoJR9o/edit?usp=sharing
G A M E A R E W O R K I N G!

SuperDrummer311: So YEARS have gone by and you still have not given us the answer as to the Clark and Hennessy review issues!!!!!!
OPULENT: Reiko. he is the villain
helen oneill: could you please tell me if there is the ingredient ppd in your hair dyes thanks
Sandra Ughh: Wow.. Just wow
Eros Adonis: 3 warriors and a mage? interesting