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Deandre Sinclair: my question is: how does the lyric know about sonic the hedgehog? does sonic actually have meet him in the past
Kyle Douthit: song?
Ronald Warren: Do make a light bar the can change the lights form red and blue to amber?
Pk dev: sala bakwas movie
Redflametrow: From playing this I learned 2 basic things that give a general idea about the score. They have tables you can fill out in game guides to get specifics outside game. Basically though the game is trial and error your first time through. You can have someone research your previously released game and you'll usually gain at least 1 new area of insight as far as what does and does not work for particular games, genre, consoles, etc. If you replicate a game type with the same effort into the same categories, then you need to top your last game in overall points based on an ever-growing upwards curve. Making the same type of game repeatedly in a row brings down your possible score. So rotating game type and theme every other or every third game should keep reviewers from penalizing you for doing the same thing. Sales seem to be mostly based on how well your company had been reviewed the last few games and random factors. My best selling game was only a 9.5 review and sold over $1 billion in a few months then I went bankrupt trying to properly live up to that level in the next game or two. So it's not exactly intuitive, but it can be learned to at least be better at it as you go along overall.
Wahyu A: i'm cant see at you create a gear box
Primie Ann Bersalote: Good day! I ordered this product through the Shop TV show and delivered it to me last month.We used it sometimes but now it is not functioning because it automatically shut down while in the process of extracting. What can u suggest to do?