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竹内健: 血友病なかったらこんなアクションやってみたかった~
White Black Guy: I miss Jakks, Mattel figures brake after a month. And it always felt like I was holding a stick instead of an actually toy.
David Bar: AWSOME !
J Bradshaw: Theres somthing quite special, honest and true about your old videos. Im pleased to have watched one again. Must be really nice to have a video record of your bushcraft jouney. Best regards, John , W Sussex.
Todd Bertram: killer rigs, beautiful work, but just keep being drawn to the dudes crazy glasses, ha.
Lawrence Barr: shay shay,true Kung fan.I bow to you in respect ,this is a great movie.YOU HAVE A BACKGROUND IN MARTIAL MATTERS.
นันทนา พึ่งพรรค์: เสียเลินมั้ยคะ