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Der Jude: I have titanfall, South Park TR, dishonoured, halo wars, and I think that's it
ASMR ForDays: mix a beautiful person with an horny person ...
johnd2709: Unlike a Geelong player to pretend he got hit high and then stay down like he's dead. NOT
Heng Ramen: สนใจครับ
Frank Cassianna: Thank you very much ... Brilliant and I'm not sure if it was the music, or the beat , but after your video, I was supporting my Hydroponics store...Love the system...
Johnny Frisco: The 'foreground' Muzak is awful... Why do so many reviews put such irritating noise on their videos...
Felishamendez Mendez: This is my first time seeing your videos I love your work I have subscribed.