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Paul H: He should be in the NBA right now. He's a good player
Spencer Firestone: So how tall do you have to be to ride it? Because right now I'm 5 feet and 1 inch and I'm getting it for Christmas and by then I would be about 5 feet and 2 inches, would I be tall enough?
Carlsunchik: cool
We need more Lemon Pledge: After the table flips, Mark should've 1-up punched ahold through the ceiling. That's would've made the skit funnier
tsgamer 61: Camtasia free on your PC
ชีวัน ปัญญาธนรัฏ: ะี่วางไปเเล้ว1อันพี่จะวางอีกอันทำไม
dianogos: OMG!! I love this video!! I've never learned how to use the data in my PT4 before. What to look for, or more importantly how to interpret it. This is GREAT! Can't wait to watch the rest of them!!