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Chris Menta: You see, the Internet makes this kind of people exist, before that, they were probably just whining in their bedroom alone. Kind of bad "cyber communists" whining about things that is another individual's business. You can intellectualize this subject in all the way you want, but to steal is to steal. Your freedom to the detriment of an individual is simply a violation.
Bill Barclay: i've got him, he's actually one of the better Minicon Deployers
P2D Kotabumi: pake font bang yg di video itu
MrJohnnyDistortion: Your work on that Poison album was great.
LIL SHINY: Why is it that everyone has to bring race card into every single damn thing?!?!
Valeskakid: *Llama
TehKillerKitteh: All one of those turtles needs to do is fall on the string and make the stones fall... It will give a nice waterfall effect though!