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Koot Gok: no sirve!!!, instalé todas las voces y no me la reconoce solo está la maldita voz de anna en ingles, ayúdame
Oliwia Galeja: dude whats the shader pack your using
Sit with Dani: Joanne介紹的商品都好燒唷!!!
那個rub rub rub好想試!

Melody wong . smith: my favorite too
VEETAIN T4: Was ist mit die AUG Metal Gear / AU-1GMG18 fur 169.90€? Hilft mir bitte einer.
AUG Metal Gear / AU-1GMG18 |VS| AUG Military V2 Metal Gear / AU-2GMG
169.90€ 209.90€

RJBURG: if you put some cotton in the line till its just right then you can leave the vavle wide open
KB MILLER: Here is the update I promised, ;-) Well I called up Graco, The operator had zero clue as to what to do so they put there guy on it i believe his name was Tim, we talked for about 1/2 hour and after we understood each other on the fact that the engine was dead and that I have only used it 3 times, He sent me another engine all cool right , wellllll not exactly during our conversation I told him that the primer cap on the canister we put paint into that lets air out so we can prime it was garbage!, He agreed and during this conversation I told him that I had an idea that would upgrade there poor design for a bleeder screw but not in that manner I sugar coated it so I did not sound like a tool, so he listened attentively and agreed that a bleeder screw from a car would work better or something like that a simple twist and end of story, then as usual i have come up with a better idea lol simple push and bleed when the button is pushed it automatically will bleed the system and save time as well and eliminate the prime button in my eyes :-) but since I talked to him I patented my ideas lol so when we conditionally talked he promised me a free spray tip for my troubles lol well that did not arrive, and the return package so i could return the old engine that blew was never put in the box, so either there is a design flaw and there will be more of these problems or he simply forgot, however new engine in and it works fine again, so if you have to register your product I suggest you do it, they did honor the product and sent me a new part but they gave me way to much attention and to me that is 1 of 2 things? A. a red flag or B. nothing but attention. but for all to know these sprayers I was told are to only be used for 20 mins at a time and must sit the rest of that hour before they are used again :-O yea i kinda think that sucks but what can ya do, he also said that they are nothing more that for closets and a door or 2 or maybe trim in a room , so if your using it to paint a 10 x 10 room I wouldn't . hope this helps all