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Jamie Butts: How do I get a command center 3 in my second base
Barma Lei: Удивительно - в комментах всё ещё не нашлось ни одного дибила, который бы доебался до длины до длины платья у дифчёнки
Олень немцефил: Сделай инструкцию картинками
Petru Rata: Tunerul e foarte bun, insa nu avea careva optiunii de care aveam nevoie din aceasta cauza lam vindut si miam luat altul tot sony str db1080 ceva mai performant
BlueCherryFaerie: are you visiting an earthship in Texas or are you going where most of them are? Oh btw, I know ya'll look for good deals, I'm not sure if you've heard of goodwillbooks . com Its a cheaper way to find books and the books change all of the time.
LoganAnimations: My cousin has this car but its an LS.
Sarah Madlock: I LOVE Cherry Fanta! My dad got a 12 pack of cans at Wal-Mart not long ago and I mixed it with some Sprite and Mmmm. LOL. I can't seem to find the Cherry Fanta again though. I need to scour Wal-Mart for some cherry goodness! Maybe try the Cherry Crush if I can't find Fanta.