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Graham Specter: Bleach was literally last damn
dougconley: I'm sensing some law suits are are a brewing.
kennyk65: I have one and upgraded the motors to 380's (brushed), I have zero issues with the cats clogging up with snow. The plastic wheels though, going from a warm house to freezing temps outside, they tend to ice up and it fastens itself to the wheels. 
jyothi menc: love all you r videos.pls add videos of your favorite clothing colors and most worn colors
NEW HOME SALES: Great video, very helpful! Keep these videos coming!
Squizzy 614: nice piece... do u have a review or unboxing video of that T-Rex vs. Kong statue?? that is sick... I would like to see more of that piece if possible
Sithslayer10: Great video, thank you for making it so clear and to the point. God bless! - Aaron