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Ender Gamer14: make a vid on good defensive moves on a attacker
Makak the Nerd Monkey: a bit dissappointed that it´s not a real tabletop...like...minis and everything.
Erica Joaquin: It looks lovely on you :) I also have a channel and would love it if you checked it out!
Alex Walshy: come back and do more asKassem man
Mark Magnani: Hey guys - what changes have you made to the Highlife UL from '12 to '13 to '14?
Flike: I have one of these. I hadn't played it in a while. when I did it wouldn't play or rewind/fast forward. The belts look intact. any help would be appreciated.
Angel Souto: Yo I have a pic of my dog assssed out too actually,almost all his pics lk like that ! Im convinced they're doppelganger s,LMFAO