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Merlin Campbell: I have recently gotten an 830-E and it will not do anything other than straight stitch. I tried doing as you say in this video but, it does not work.
smartcow360: He didn't even really tell me anything about the skis, just talked good about his brand, like are they light? Flexible? Stiff? Good for jumps, pipes, slides?
Carl Hedemalm: Polaris, arctic cat, and Yamaha is crap
GreenSoul96: Congratulations bro :D !
Vazcular: Randy, the master wrestler, was stuffed over a dozen times. Vera took the 'master' down if you do recall.
al7awas13: great stuff, installed the stabilizer and solve it, I just ordered the track bar to support it. thaaanks Kevin
はやと カプブルル デンヂムシ モクロー: ガイムのダブルアームズある意味ウィザードアームズより似合ってる気がする