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toglide: Any word on adding "AND"," OR" & "NOT" to scene control. I sure would be nice.
Bri: if Klaus turned back into a human wouldnt he die from old age or just continue his life from the age he was before he turns into a vampire or what?
Eagle Gamer: انا مااهتم بالتقيمات. الناس اذواق. اجربها واذا ماعجبتني بعتها يعني عادي
Adam Barnhelm: А что там было? Заусенцы?
Siboniso Sithole: What about when you have marks on your face?
Екатерина Малахова: Смысл игры дожить до рассвета.
NaughtyBear666gg _: hey germany has luck they can play senran kagura 2 when theyre 12