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Roberto Jair Moreno Saldierna: Just Bought this yesterday, Im gonna build it (Emile one).
You helped me a lot with the UNSC Wombat drone

Tony Raven: a hint on belt replacement: with the drum on the ground, place the belt on the drum (in proper position) - draw up the excess belt in a pony tail at 12:00 on the drum and put a strip of painters tape across to hold it. Now insert the drum, then pull the belt down from the back and thread on the pulley and idler arm. Rotate through 1 revolution to ensure belt is straight. Reach in from the front to retrieve the tape. I've seen a lot of gymnastics replacing this belt. Hope this helps.
Dark Duster: Finde LOL richtig gut
Zoe Simmons: Would you ever consider leaving the Burmese Hair in for 3 months or 2 1/2 ?
Remington Mcneese: Just do it yourself, go to WoodPriX page and learn how .
Minigame view za za: ซื้อมาแล้วมาง่ายมาก คิดว่าจะชนเพดานบ้าน ดันไปโดนหมา
Febin Varghese: his rage man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!