Sequence Of Operation 80% Gas Furnace

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80% AFUE gas furnace cycling and sequence of operation Amana furnace
80% AFUE gas furnace cycling and sequence of operation Amana furnace
Gas Furnace: Operating Sequence (2 of 2)
Gas Furnace: Operating Sequence (2 of 2)
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Amana AMVC96 Natural Gas Furnace Review
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Trane model BLU sequence of operation part 2

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♡hosenheels: It would be great to have this in layman's terms, for the rest of us.

Vɇɍøṅĭcā Ṁøṇïqṹe: I'm scared of furnaces I don't like how they sound and look lol

Rayram555: excellent display Thank You

Captain Hawk: I have the same furnace.  Do I need to oil up electric blower motor below?   Reason I ask just serviced 1986 old unit put new induction motor in, high temp rtv, lubed up lower blower motor.  On my newer 80 percent looks different, glass sight down below with white wire showing whats that for lol.

FORTY SAGINAW: Sounding like the novice that I am. What is a 80% furnace and why would I want a 80% furnace when I could probably get a 90 to 95% furnace for a few dollars more?

Hebert Olivera: So, the inducer turns on, closes the pressure switch, then voltage runs through the safeties into the igniter, after 20 seconds or so the circuit board opens the gas valve. Yes?

brnmcc01: Good video, you left out the post-purge delay where the inducer continues to run for a short time to remove any last traces of exhaust gases from the heat exchanger before the main blower shuts down. Also, the delay between pressure switch proving, and hot surface ignitor power-on, is called "pre-purge". The pre-purge is necessary in case of ignition failure, to ensure the heat exchanger and vestibule are clear of any raw gas before ignition trial :) Helps prevent explosions :)

ottokuffs: Good vid.

bblazeff1: @pissed1000 .. you don't need to know the sequence in frequency .. although all American electronic frequency is 60hz

bblazeff1: You are correct but what did ya do, read the sequence out of a manual? Lol .. explain the sequence on the control voltage for a heat pump .. ?

David VB: @1Ronin187 More than likely there is an issues with your flame rod.

MyEyesBled: No wonder Carrier's suck.... just look at how that p.o.s. is made!

joecar314: Please let me know what I missed in the order of things, no one is perfect especially me! You identified many of these things. Thanks for posting. 1.Door Switch 2.Limit switch 3.Transformer 4.Thermostat 5.Relay load 6.Relay switch 7.Vent motor 8.Pressure switch 9.Flame rollout switch 10. Vent safety switch 11.Control Module 12. Hot surface igniter 13. Main valve 14. Main burner 15.Flame sensor 16. Fan control switch 17. Circulating blower

joecar314: Thanks for posting this sir :>)

wolfofworld: Your the man. I went to RSI in AZ and after 16,000 dollars I could not explain this sequence of operations. I'm no dummy, I build stroker engines and have for years college. The school just sucked. Thanks for these videos.

DOLRED: Nice clear description...thanks.

Duane S: how do you clean out the gas line tube if there doesn't seem to be gas getting to the pilot light. I had a heating/cooling guy do it once before but I didn't see what he did.

Advanced Tenchology: Well, there was the starting sequence, ignition, but where Is the liftoff?

bndoc: Thanks how about a close up of each module ie control board, inducer fan etc

KingRhaul: doesnt the control board make sure the igniter is lit before opening the gas valve? or it dont matter
Sequence of operation 80% gas furnace 5 out of 5

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♡hosenheels: It would be great to have this in layman's terms, for the rest of us.
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Sequence of operation 80% gas furnace