Gx Reviews: There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

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JenMull311: Miss the old gx review theme music

Captain Cambodia: I just watched this. Sad on many levels. Especially listening to those horrible accents.

coyote1944: So terribly sad and so little mentioned about the wonderful man who was killed along with his dad and friend. I met Guy Bastardi, he was genuine, so very kind and close to his family.
Rest in peace Guy...

Brian Logan: It's a horrible shame that any family loses children. Everyone has their own opinion and perception on what went wrong with Diane but sadly drugs of any kind effect everyone differently, we shouldn't lecture or preach. Pot has never caused impaired driving as far as I know but people are capable of anything especially loved ones and people we think we know very well. We will never ever really know what was going on in her head at the tragic time. My take, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR NUMBER IS UP.

Sean Selvig: She may have had substances in her system, but that could be incidental. That is, while it is certainly a factor, it may not be the sole cause or the root cause of the incident. The substances could have been similarly symptomatic of the same underlying cause that led to the accident. This really hits home, because I myself had a close call some years ago when another driver on the opposite side of the interstate crossed the median and came straight for me. I managed to get around her, and I didn't see her hit anyone behind me (traffic was thankfully light that day). It was haunting though because she had such a look of intent on her face. She made it dangerously close to me by the time I managed to just barely edge around her, and I swear we made eye contact. She may have had substances in her system too, but that almost seems irrelevant, because it seemed so clear that she knew exactly what she was doing. Anyway, it was a chilling moment to be sure, and I can't help thinking about it now. Sometimes good people just snap. I will definitely have to check this out. Thanks for the review!

Jenee Zen: Diane's son wasn't ejected but he said he flew in the air because the children weren't in car seats and seatbelts.

Shelley D: Why did you laugh so strangely at the beginning?

WatcherAnon504: I watched this last night...TYVM for link I haven't gotten this off my mind all night,it's so sad for everyone involved in this case. I am just wondering when she smoked her J?? B4 she packed the car...seems someone would have smelled her and fussed. I don't see her smoking with a 8 y o in the car to tell her mom......IDK

MegaFarfel: So sad. A miserable unhappy woman who put on that "perfect mask" of everything fine. Her husband was a lazy under achiever who was just another burden. I believe Diane snapped and drove around for 4 hours until she downed a half bottle of vodka and smoked some weed steady her nerves and numb her brain as she drove at 75 mph into oncoming traffic to end all.

Bec Wakefield: The level of dysfunction in this family is mind blowing. From Diane’s family of origin, to her obsessive need to “appear” in control, to her husband’s desire not to have children but having them anyway, to the strange relationship he has with his brother’s wife. Not to mention, some of the deepest levels of denial I’ve ever seen.

Judy Holiday: I watched this on HBO when it was first released,and it broke my heart..

Suzzy: That Danny is evil man I think he had something to do with it in someway and is covering up information !!.. Why did he say that they had made breakfast before he left? Then he said they only had a couple of cups coffee?? and Diane was going to get breakfast on way home? Oh I find it very disgusting that he would make a photo album for his son and in it is a photo of his little sister holding a beer in her hand?? So many questions here Gezz.. God bless all those kids and familys involved. Diane was definitely a drinker 2! .. why lie there is a photo of her and Danny and she has a beer in her hand! but one of the things that gets me is most ppl that smoke weed don't drive fast is what I thought?? I don't know??..the truth always comes out in the end so its only a matter of time. Disulfiram tablets??

Delta Man: ..........I've kept an eye on this story for awhile now and I tend to lean towards the theory that toxicology reports don't lie. I agree with a fellow commenter when they say that there's something odd about the husbands and sister-in-laws insistence on Diane not being a drinker. Sadly, because it was documented that Diane was for the most part the sole provider of the family I can't help but to think that her life insurance was denied being that the accident was considered driver responsible. I'm just wondering if the husband is trying to clear those charges so that he'll be able to collect on her life insurance policy.

Tina Pinkerton: John- regardless of what possible physical issues were going on Diane, she chose to drink and smoke marijuana while driving with children. In my past while drinking and drugging i had numerous blackouts - boy! The family was in complete denial. It was as if they didn't want to be held responsible in any way. Just watching her husband and his sister pursue the fact that she wasn't high - he was so adamant that she wouldn't do that - that being said (one of your phrases) it was some what frustrating. I'm speaking only from my experience. My family and friends would say "you don't drink that much or I didn't know you used drugs."

Cheryl Granger: My goodness, who in the world would let a painful tooth abcess go for so long?! It hurts like crazy!

Naomi Houghtaling: The full documentary can be found on Carrie Leslie's channel.

bridgett / jamee cooper: Loved this one too:) Family denial big time:)

Facts Matter: The only mystery here is why the husband is in denial. Fact: She got so freaked up that she couldn't talk or see properly and before she knew it 8 people were dead.

WickedBoody Boody: I think she was such a Super Power Control Mom. They worked opposite schedules, she did everything for her entire family. The dentist was about getting pain meds, maybe, not fixing the dental problem. The documentary said her husband was like a child too. He had NO CLUE what was up. She had control over the entire home & no one was the wiser! Just an opinion.
God Bless All.

K Life777: I would be interested in your opinion about what may have happened.
Gx Reviews: There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane 5 out of 5

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Gx Reviews: There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane