#473: Lambie & Lavender Celebrate July 4th! - LambCam

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Tania Ruiz: I love you Lamy princess

Maria Rivera: You have very cool videos I hope I can meet you soon do you live in Texas and Spring Creek and Shiloh and I hope you do bye

Jodie Okuma: cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoey Bearwood: Love you lambie💕 happy 4th of july!

AJPEEPS VIST THE UNDERTALE PEOPLE: i dont do fireworks i watch them danger danger

Elsa Cam: SO CUTE!!!! It looks like so much fun!

yoitzalisson: i love you lambie

Annalaya Brown: Yay! Happy 4th!

Leah Vlogs: How do I private message u?

Liprict Williams: I hand l of fun

Bunny And Bear World: that is cool

Nutty The Hare: I love sparklers! Unfortunately, we don't celebrate July 4th here in the UK. However I do  get to use them on Guy Fawkes night/bonfire night on November 5th! :D

Darling Dollies: i went to my auntie house till 2:45 in the morning

Owen Henderson: i can hear firewrkse out side

TyphoonTV: Happy 4th of July Lambie! And Lavender, I am so glad you could visit Lambie! :D I love your accent :)

Sul C: Can u give me a shout out

ROSA JUSTICE: On new year we had sparklers and fireworks… not to mention LOTS of snacks!

Leah Vlogs: About to upload my FIRST video and Lambie has inspired me and also I feel like we're so close because you responded to me :)

Leah Vlogs: Lambie I have no idea how to send a private message you please tell me!

Kerry Hale: Lambie you mean so much to me I wacth you everyday I love lavender to my build a bear bubbles and me love your channel you make me smile I hope you read this cause you are awesome and I want you to know thank you for making vids Lambie and Lambie mom i love you both👏🏼👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
#473: Lambie & Lavender Celebrate July 4th! - LambCam 5 out of 5

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Tania Ruiz: I love you Lamy princess
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pennybug12: Thank you Chris for staying true to the book! I could totally feel the emotions that Bella goes through in this one. The ONLY complaint I have is that I wish Edwards Explanation was longer more like the chapter in the book titled The Truth. But other than that great job! I only hope DS can stay as true to Eclipse as you did to NM.
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Dean Lerch: thank you
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#473: Lambie & Lavender Celebrate July 4th! - LambCam