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Mina 101: Hey beautiful I love your videos and just subscribed to your channel. I have even started my YouTube channel if you could visit.

ManoKuerten: lol, awesome video. thank you!

Ashley Williams: You scared the pimples off my face lol

eyan losike: wooow dear that is sooo btful...n plus you soo funny I love your channel

Brittney Valcin: This video was not only beyond helpful, but amazingly refreshing. Great job and thank You and thank God for you. 😘🤗🤗🤗

Felix Jerry: What is the name of the items you was using beautiful I need the name of them

Felix Jerry: Hey beautiful

butt3rfly0o0: did u say u used oil as mosturiser ? or its just a lotion with oil in it ?

LisaLoveMakeUp1: You are so beautiful! ♥♥♥
Thanks for the video !
For my routine i use all natural ingredients:
* To clean i use a mix of 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 of another oil (olive, almond, etc).
* To moisturize i use a dab of organic coconut oil
When my skin feels dry i usually use shea butter. I have to say that this combo really gives the best results. I also supplement collagen with vitamin C, as it's very important.
I get all this stuff sooooo cheap. My friend refered me to this site, its so good. You can get it too, and you will also get a discout of $10 as well + free shipping, just follow the link
Check it out! Love you ♥

Es Sam: A question... do you have any video's on humbleness.... You seem so humble and happy with your hubby. That is such a lost art in the modern day black woman's world. Could you make a video on this topic? I would really really like to learn more from you. Keep you great vibes up girl! You rock!

Es Sam: I LOOOVE your video. What a beautiful soul you are. You made me realize that happiness is the key.

MarNichole: Lmbo at the end of this video. Fun, funny and informative. I really cannot stand the texture of satin and find the my head slips off my pillow often so I stick to white Italian cotton which works really well for me. I just change them every 3 days.

Ernscie Augustin: Lol you are so funny!I love this video. Thank you for sharing.

J'Kaiyla Gage: your skin is so beautiful😍😍😍.great video!!!!😊

Ms G O O D E N: ❤❤ best skin care video I've seen on you tube so simple and tons of facts!

Tiffany Gamblin: u remind me of Tia and Tamera Mowry very pretty

Julie Bela Wamona: God you 're so soft et sound humble...

Malak Amari: so boring

Fit Skin: We have new HIGH QUALITY product for hair removal... Check this :)

Taylor Brooks: You scared me so bad a dropped my phone in the covers lmao

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