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john cott: Hey J T . the knot is called a button knott in the U K

Temperdgrump: Just wondering if you own busse knives because this blade looks similar to the HG55.

wizzard84334: The knot in question is actually a diamond knot or knife lanyard knot it is not a monkey fist

john1112112: @HELLZZARMY that's what i call retirement!

EskimoAirman: To all those who say that the knot on the lanyard is a "monkey's fist", sorry, but you're completly wrong. It's a "diamond knot". And just so you cant possibly say im wrong, as well as to help you out JT, look up "Diamond knot bt Tie It All Together"

EskimoAirman: Those are some pretty cool beads.

strykersigma: jt, man your gonna go broke if you keep spending your retirment moeny lol

nitroxunit1: looks like a diamond knot. TyingItAllTogether have a video. How to Tie a Diamond Knot by TIAT

FlyingPastry: Its a monkey's fist :D They're awesome. And really hard to tie...

79outlaw: @HELLZZARMY Mahalo for the reply. Will check out that site. I've worn a fishermans knot version of that merc harness and I dont think its the same as the one you purchase. The one I wore shifted alot and when I would run the blade would twist on me. Never clocked my draw time either. wasen't very comfortable but I should just buy a ready made one and try it out. Aloha no

Amos Soma: JT - That knot at the end of the lanyards looks like a version of a knot called a Monkey's Fist.

krazy45cat: Great Info !

darkinertia2: @LastDEF thats what i thought at first, just instead of a 3 loop fist, i think its only one...i think its close to a chinese button knot not sure

darkinertia2: omg thank you for this vid! once i saw those spartan helmet beads i knew i HAD to get one for my cold steel spartan haha...ive been trying to find out what would be the best thing to compliment my spartan, as well as have a lanyard to grab onto for a secure deployment... nice vid! the lanyards are kind of a rip off tho lol considering you can get 50 ft for the price of one of those lanyards but all the beads are great prices

GunznGear: Cool stuff, thanks for the heads up!!

aguywitha: @HELLZZARMY Thanks, i most likely going to get the griptilian. and yes we are allowed to take them to school as long as they are under 3 inches i think its just an old rule that never got pushed out

williampc993: That might be a Lanyard knot on your lanyards haha.... but seriously that's what they're called ITStactical does a walkthrough of how to tie one.

P G: @HELLZZARMY right on lol!

79outlaw: Howzit bra. Just had a question as to how that merc carry is working for you? does the knife shift back or flip over on you? how did you solve that. How fast is your draw? Aloha no.

efd5803: How'd you get the shemagh? They don't have them advertised on their site. I have been wanting one of those since they went out of stock months ago. Let me know...I'd be happy to buy one off of you.
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john cott: Hey J T . the knot is called a button knott in the U K
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SPARTAN BLADES USA - Knives with Intent...