Sigelei 100W Box Mod In-Depth Review With V-Drop Charts

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Retour et bricolage rapide sigelei 100w et x-man 35
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raptor valadez: Can you guys review the cloupor T8 and compare?

Frank Valentine: LOL. Oh you chinamen. So silly

Patrick O'Connell: Hey guys.  I'm wondering what you guys think of Sigelei using their own chips for their latest versions of their box mods, the 100 watt plus and the 150 watt?  I just ordered the new 150 watt and am curious as to the quality of their own in-house chips?  Do you know if they are as good as the Yihi chips, in regards to the efficiency ratings, etc.?  I do know they only go down to 10 watts with their chips, as opposed to 7 watts with the Yihi chips I believe, but beyond that, I am not familiar with the quality of them.  I would be interested in seeing the numbers from these ships, like you did in this video.

Dennis Spemik: holy cow talk about over analysing a product. Glad you guys are doing this and not me.
But good job :)

dsgrsggjgfj: Have you guys tested with 1 pair of 2 different batteries? I want to know if it dangerous to use two different batteries. I'm using it was a sony vtc 4 30 amp battery and a mxjo 35 amp battery.

MicroRCFiend: I bought a sigelie 100w box less than 2 weeks ago and I dearly love the device but the button has developed some movement making it rattle badly. It still works to vape but how do I tighten it up please?
I removed the 4 internal screws but the black piece seems glued in or something and does not want to move.

Nowhere do I find this issue with anyone anywhere, just one guy with a dodgy button that sticks.  Man i'm seriously disapointed

Bo Somerville: Nice review guys, very informative and I like the informal but concise delivery :)  You've convinced me that this is the mod for me thank you.

chek pierce: im pretty sure it goes up to 8.5v now right?

Pasquale Oberland: I get 2 days of use same batteries with a .5 build .3 build bout half a day

Steven Teague: Very nice in-depth review!!! I would to see you guys do the same with the ipv3 so I can make decision on which on to get!!!

joshmanagosta12: New to box mods and building coils in general.
I'm used to just sticking in my coils I don't even have an ohm reader and I'm getting confused.
Everywhere I read people are saying that certain Watts are only reachable if your coil is a specific ohm...
Can you confirm exactly the sweetspot to reach the maximum wattage/performance?

RF Eternity: how come mine only goes up to 4.1v on 100w? O.o

Amber M: Great review! You covered all of the questions I had wanted answered.  Thank you!

T.C.X. S.T.X.: could u guys do some dragon trix also nose jet action next!!!

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen: very informative. youve earned a subscriber :D

barrysenshuls: Received mine and it fires all rda as if max power while displaying "CHECK ATOMIZER".I promise every single rda I have is perfect and operates flawlessly on all other devices.This sigelei 100w does not display any readings for any of them as if they are not there but when the fire button is pressed it blasts the hell out of them while displaying "CHECK ATOMIZER".Everything is perfectly adjusted with no issues no shorts no anything on the externals.Have you encountered this and know a solution that I may be able perform myself?

McFrezie: just got mine in the mail today from you guys what is a good sweetspot to get 100wats i have a .15  build and its kickin my ass to hot 

michael b: in your charts you have if I remember one correctly the coil at .24 question is how does a .8 ohm coil compare to your .24 ohm coil?is the .8 ohm coil lower ohms or is the .24 ohm coil lower?i was just confused on this part.thanks so much

AntVapes: Great review, hope to see you guys doing more videos this way, it was VERY helpful with the info you guys deliver. Just ordered one of these, and am certainly glad I did after seeing this review. Was on the fence between the IPV2 and Sigelei 50watt. Same price for the 100watt, went with that, why not lol. Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing more of Panda!

chaccochank: I just ordered mine can't wait to get my first vw Box mod from Panda ecigs!!! :D
Sigelei 100W Box Mod In-Depth Review With V-Drop Charts 5 out of 5

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Sigelei 100W Box Mod In-Depth Review With V-Drop Charts