Sicilian Defence, Canal-Sokolsky Attack - Standard Chess #11

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Sicilian Defence. Canal-Sokolsky Attack - Standard chess #11
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Robert Pettersson: Just wanted to say thanks for providing these excellent 15 minutes videos. They are really helpful and instructional. Have picked up lots of things I didn't consider before. Usually you don't learn much from watching videos but these are really good. Fun to watch as well.

Da-chan: Instead of 9-pawn to b3 , you should've played bishop to f4 , he would've ( it's too tempting and he's not a high rated player ) played 9- pawn to e5 , then you capture his pawn with your knight on f3 , and when he recaptures with his pawn , you capture with your bishop and his queen got to move, wherever his queen goes , you grab g7 pawn with your bishop and his rook is falling no matter what . Hope you saw that .
Even if he plays something else , u develop another piece on a good square , maybe on the next move put your rook on e1 and push your e pawn , its just crushing in all scenarious

Rick Dynes: Jerry, thanks so much for all your great ideas and hard work!

kevlarunderwear22: Jerry, you have a gift for teaching chess. you do it right. by the way,  do you give lessons?

Aaron Chow: Love these new live games! I'm learning so much! Thank you Jerry!

Szabó Miklós: How you do this green circles while you playing ?

Josh Landgraf: Jerry you should try taking on an NM or IM, these games are good and instructive but I feel like you would get more challenging positions if you played players that you KNOW are going to be the same strength as yourself. I feel like it would also be interesting if you took on another youtuber like IM John Bartholomew, CM Kingscrusher or IM Chessexplained. Just keep on doing what you like with these games though, these standard games are the most instructive learning tools that are available for chess.

Ryan Taylor: Was there something wrong with 9. ... Be7? I know I should just put it in stockfish to find out, but blah.

I was reading 9 ... Be7 10. Qxg7?? Bf6

Milad Ibrahim: Please play these games on

Niyati Puri: could you try and use the kings gambit

Jose Cyriac: Thanks a lot for your videos Jerry :) , I have a question reg. this game, is it a bad idea to play e5 by black in the Sicilian ?, allowing a White Knight to jump into d5, is that a weakened pawn structure for black in the long term ?

Mark Singerman: Jerry, you are so many people's (including mine) go-to channel for quality chess commentary and play. My question is "Why don't you have an official website/blog where your fans can buy merchandise from you??" You could offer books, introductory guides, puzzle games with solutions, shirts, online courses, etc. and I think a lot of chess students would really be interested in buying material you release. I know a few people who might be interested in investing in a business idea like this if you're interested in pursuing it! I'll be a fan no matter what, but I hope you consider doing this!

Keshav Prasad: Perfect! Loved the analysis as always. Thank you Jerry!

Dobbie Walker: Just wondering what would happen if after 9.Ne7 we had 10.Bf4 10.e5 11. Nxe5 apparently getting 3 pawns for the Knight?

Matthew - Chess, Gaming, and more!: Loved the video, after I think 9.b3 wouldn't black still be able to complete kingside development with Be7? If Qxg7 then Bf6 forks both major pieces.

TomasCipolla: Very nice game and I was surprised that you got rid of the bishop so easily. Not something you do often. I feel you keep getting better at your chess, do you? Did you have some tournament achievements or ever considered being a pro in a more "traditional" way? You surely are one to me.

Sylar Gh: I m a big fan of your channel !! Nice analysis I like it, please can you do some videos on chess24 also? it's a very popular website as you know for sure!! and it has 15min game too !!

Weazel News: Lichess is kicking's butt with all of these analysis features. Check out Alexa rankings to see.

xapoliz vieira: yeay :) more standards! I really learn with this games

Ryan Allen: I LOVE these 15 2 games. The commentary gets so much more in depth and moves at a pace that I can follow it naturally.
Also, lichess just keeps getting better, huh? :)
Sicilian Defence, Canal-Sokolsky Attack - Standard chess #11 5 out of 5

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Sicilian Defence, Canal-Sokolsky Attack - Standard chess #11