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Molly: what?

Splat Face: what is that game

5Oblivion: "We don't cotton to freaks round these parts"
Says the dude with a blonde wig, a green glove on one hand and a loincloth that barely covers his ass.

The Assassin: This guy might be better than me
I am better than me

Tavyn May: What



Trump 2020: No comment

Vortex: when i roast someone ima say Thats why you sound like the physical manifestation of some losers, inner demons.

Captain Senpai: You snose you lowse

David SoulSword: I-i....i....what....


Manny Sheaars: 1:17

Mister Bearmore: I love the surreal worldview mindset this show has.

Cleinden: what the hell did i just watch

MJUniverselps AJ: this is the next generation of humanity

RRobcher: oh no

carnivorous nordis tortoise: Beautiful

AsianKid Vlogs: .

Shane Del Castilho: Markimoo.

velocirooster64: Top ten anime fights

Samuel Ahn: wtf is this i am literally dying

Matthew Banathy: ...

Can't someone tell me what happened?
. 5 out of 5

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Molly: what?
Klutzly Wurtzly: This version could use more Tim Follin.
Khalil Kalashnikov: yes i think so , this is my second video review after my xbox 360 review , but i don't care little by little i will learn how to review ;)
Charlie Ryan: +JPizzleFIFA hey jp, what's the name of the song you use in the intro for your coin sponsor where it shows the team with all blue cards?
MyTeaNeedsMoreMeshuggah: How did you make the ghillie suit? e__o
L.K. Viper: +2
Sebski22: Great comparison....just what I was looking for to see if its worth upgrading my GH4.