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reading my haters amazon reviews | MyLifeAsEva
reading my haters amazon reviews | MyLifeAsEva
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Pizza Chef Reviews Delivery Pizzas
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Ellen Reviews the New iPhone and Apple Watch!
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Ayman Abdul Ghaffar: K

garbanzo bean: Thanks YouTube for recommending this to me

garbanzo bean: how did I get here?

Ice Flame: “I know everything you’re gonna—“ “Say. And I know everything you’re gonna—“ “Don’t.” Why XD

Dangerous Jayden: Spy, your fat.

Dangerous Jayden: Lmfao😂😂

Ass whooper: Whoever made this diserves an oscar

watched smile: Wtf is this!?

Mr. R1m3 lelz: Lsd on lsd on marijuana.

Gop: Right Twix vs Left Twix leaked footage

Denise Lodge: What. The. Actual. freak.

UnknownTemptation1: Hello?

DJ_K1LL5: wtf... am I stoned?

Snowy 290: "Well I'm going to be the bigger man and hang up f- Damn it!"

Twoface698: What does he say at 1:30? I can’t understand him

Rock21: If you love soup so much why do you not marry it?

NinjaDaNinja: I just pressed the home button, went back, and arrived at this video...

Your Gay thoughts: A S C E N C I O N

DJ S: What.the.freak.did.i.just.watch
If it looks like a link for you, don't click it, itnisnt a link

Chip5587: Polish people in a nutshell
. 5 out of 5

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Ayman Abdul Ghaffar: K
cutie kiwi love: 20$ for lipstick note Dollar Tree here I come
Aeron Magsino: what are the available colors for this phone?
David Smith: i also have one love mine , just wish they still have the hutch for it ,
phisher smith: What's interesting is legal ivory hunters such as Walter D.M. Bell didn't recommend heart or lung shots on elephants. The animal's hide, muscle, and bone was so thick and tough that a vital shot wouldn't inflict enough damage to the animal. And more often that not just make the elephant angry. Instead brain shots were recommended, since the bullets had an easier time passing through the skull than the ribs or shoulder blades.
Byrant Cas: Silent Scope > any sniper game on the market (such as Lonewolf, Contract Killer and Sniper Fury)