NightmareRH's Game Review To Runescape #5 (World Of WarCraft)

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Runescape - dungeoneering review
Runescape - dungeoneering review

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jorgengeerts: lol he says i don't like first person shooters because i like to do things in a game that i don't do in real life, so that means he shoots people in real life

Osito Suavesito: the hit a deer vid and review is not available that suks balls...

SantaCllaws: Lol I remember getting this when I was 9 or 10 and I installed the game and it said that I had to get a sub and my dad freaked out cause I couldn't return the game cause it was opened

MakahVel: yea cause runescape has such a fun freaking leveling system

Joonas: True, but when you play it awhile, it will become alot more simplier. When i started to play WoW, it was super confusing for fps player like me (i dont play WoW anymore.) But when i spend some time in it, it slowly started to make sense. Still, RS is the way to go.

Mrsirqs: Old intro <3

JOHN S: What i freaking LOVE about runescape is that it is so freaking simple compared to WoW. Wow theres all this freaking complex air looms and crap only a mother freaking genuis can udnerstand. Runescape is more simple.

David C: yeah sure, why are you even here then you pathetic abortion

Deadlyxlegend1: You seem a lot calmer haha.

adnaclan: 7:36 thats what she said

StreamerVideo: I think WOW is better, but I like runescape more rs just seems more easy going layed back chill style for me

Oscar: @hotshahzrulz why?

Bryce MacLeod: WoW is boring as freak to level but PvP and raids and dungeons and crap are fun.

worldofwarcraftowns1: runescape picklesuckers

PandasInUranus: Its daisy

MrSuperboob: @RSisidore no its donkey kong

MrSuperboob: best intro ever

Shazzy_B: @SuperWowfan101 wow's pvp is useless.

Muhakma The DragonKnight: ok. i'm looking at nightmares old vids and is it just me or does he sorta look like one of the white kids from major payne after they got their head shaved? I can't remember the ones name. no disrespect. just saying.

carlos castillo: and all the diffrent characters and in wow you move with keyboard and in wow graphics are much better and you can pvp in diffrent maps you can be diffrent races want more.......
NightmareRH's Game Review To Runescape #5 (World Of WarCraft) 5 out of 5

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jorgengeerts: lol he says i don't like first person shooters because i like to do things in a game that i don't do in real life, so that means he shoots people in real life
faster then u: What kinda of a rev was that.... WEAKK!!!!!!
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NightmareRH's Game Review To Runescape #5 (World Of WarCraft)