Bernina 830 Record Electronic Not Doing A Zig Zag

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Faye Lange: Thank you for this video.  You saved me $50 and a lot of time and trips to town

Merlin Campbell: I have recently gotten an 830-E and it will not do anything other than straight stitch. I tried doing as you say in this video but, it does not work.

leather2you: Thank you so much! My machine now zig-zags. You saved me two all-day-and-expensive trips into the nearest major city and $100+ an hour service charge. YOU ARE THE BEST! Can you please tell me how to unstick the automatic buttonholer on this machine? It seems they both stopped working at the same time. Again, Thanks!

masinski kutak: Bernina 830 :

Mary J Russell: I found out the needle type.

Mary J Russell: Thank you! My top lid opens perfectly. My machine also had the problem with not wanting to zig zag. I cleaned it up in the area you demonstrated and every where else. It is zig-zagging now and it also runs the other stitches so beautifully and smoothly.

I would love to see how it sews. Can you tell me what type of needle it uses?

christy simiana: Have you ever had a benina record 830 with a stuck stitch width nod I have 2 one missing the nod and other one with it stuck on 4

Mary J Russell: I bought a Bernina Record 830 at a thrift store, with no manual or accessories. It sounds rough when it runs. I see hinges on it's top cover, but I can't get it to open. Can you tell me how to open it at the top so I can clean and oil it inside? Thank you!

Kerri-Ann Gray: Thank you!! This worked perfectly!

Absolute Sewing: No latch. You should just be able to flip it backwards. There are the hinges at the back and one holding pin to left of the pattern cam holding it close. The holding pin needs a bit of oil for it to release easily. You can push it up from the left of the cover. Use a plastic ruler at the front of the cover to help lift it.

Absolute Sewing: Yes. The needle position dial runs in the stitch width dial. It get sticky from old oil and needs a good clean. Just working fine sewing machine oil in again should loosen it up again else you can use a penetrating oil like Q20 or use a hair dryer to loosen the old oil and replacing it with a fine sewing machine oil. If that does not work you may need to take it apart and clean it. Just take note of the settings before you take it apart.

Enjoying28: Ever have the zig-zag width change when you turn the needle position and vise versa? I can't figure out where it is stuck at

Absolute Sewing: The stitch width dial must be turned to the far right and set on 4 to get the widest zig zag. The change lever for zigzag or ornamental stitch must be set backwards. Only then your will your decorative stitches work else you it will just do normal zigzag and the stitch selection lever will have no affect It could also be the sticky switch described in the video.

Trudy Gallagher: I want to buy a Bernina 830 record sewing machine on ebay but the sellor does not know how to test the embroidery stitches. how do you set themachine up to use the sitiches on top?

Absolute Sewing: Use a hair dryer to loosen up old oil or a sticky sewing machine.
Bernina 830 Record Electronic not doing a zig zag 5 out of 5

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Faye Lange: Thank you for this video.  You saved me $50 and a lot of time and trips to town
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Bernina 830 Record Electronic not doing a zig zag