Spektrum DX8 And DX6i Buddy Box Setup 'How-To'

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Spektrum DX8 and DX6i Buddy Box Setup
Spektrum DX8 and DX6i Buddy Box Setup "How-To"
DX6i to DX6i buddy box setup
DX6i to DX6i buddy box setup
How to set up Spektrum DX6 wireless buddybox trainer.
How to set up Spektrum DX6 wireless buddybox trainer.
Spektrum DX6 Wireless Trainer Tutorial
Spektrum DX6 Wireless Trainer Tutorial
How To - Spektrum Wireless Trainer Setup
How To - Spektrum Wireless Trainer Setup

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jerry zito: Thanks a Bunch..You are definitely a credit to the hobby.

Pat Kendall: Thank you!

Robert Bowen: it turned out to be something very simple once Horizon hooked me up with their guy that was familiar with the older version of the dx8. just had to set it so it was the "boss" and didn't allow any control by the slave when the trainer button was held down. This guy looked for the simple things first instead of doing brain surgery when only a bandage was needed.

Robert Bowen: I have run into a problem...when I push the trainer button on my dx8, the aileron and elevator are reversed and reversing the same on the slave (dx6i} doesn't reverse them????? The dx8 is functioning properly.

Robert Bowen: awesome, these two transmitters are exactly the pair I need to know how to use in the buddy mode

rlachermeier: How difficult would it be to replace the button with a toggle?

jeff nicholls: Very informative

Luka Kapeter: Perfect! Thanks a lot!

Dave Baril: Awesome video, thanks for putting this up. How would this work on a quad? I'm assuming the master should leave his throttle set at around hover level so it doesn't just fall out of the sky when he takes over?

Bryan Dunbar: Wish I looked at this lastnight as spent neer 1 hour messing about with them trying to get my dx7s as the master and my dx6i as slave lol thanks for the good information about this

Mackenzie Clarke: I have a couple 4 ch radios and a trainer cable and I can't figure out how to switch who has control do I need to get a 5 ch radio for it to work?

HobbyMan420: Thanks for the help. Very helpful.

rcoconut: PERFECT!! I have both Tx & I forgot how to set them up for Buddy Box, who needs to read a manual when there's this! Thanks for taking the time to post this video!

jerry zito: Thank you so much. One more question. Since the DX8 has a button instead of a switch, when I want to give control to the slave, do I push the button and hold it down, or push once then push again to get master control?

jerry zito: I'm sorry about two questions in a row, but you really hit on what I need. The duties of club "instructor" have fallen on me. Any way you mentioned in an earlier reply that only the master need be bound to the plane. So the slave or student is not directly flying the plane, he is flying it through the master radio right?

jerry zito: Very nice video. Do the settings on the master have to match the settings on the slave radio. For example; Can the master dual rates be 100% and the slave be 50%, or do they have to match?

Robin S: One more thing, I used an audio cable from my portable stereo system. It is a stereo and not mono cable. 

Robin S: Aloha again, my bother picked up a dx8 and I was able to buddy box it with a dx6i. Followed your vid and everything worked the first time. I did try to copy all of the settings on the master (dx8) to the dx6i, but when I pressed the trainer button, I could hear the servos move. I tried to trim it so that there was no sound, just going by sight of the control surface movement and the sound of the servos. Did one at a time. By the time it was trimmed, the dx6i trims were all at zero. This is great! Can buddy box with any plane and the slave will have the master trim settings. Thanks again mountaindewdude76! Send me your mailing addy in private and I will send you some Macadamia Nuts (plain, flavored, or chocolate) from Hawaii in appreciation for helping fellow flyers. Forecast for Hawaii tomorrow morning… zero to 5 mph, no clouds until 9:30 or so. Mahalo!!!!!

jeepman012: Nice simple video showing how to buddy the Spektrum  Transmitters, thanks for the info.

Robin S: Awesome video, well done! My older brother wants fly. This is perfect. Mahalo!
Spektrum DX8 and DX6i Buddy Box Setup "How-To" 5 out of 5

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jerry zito: Thanks a Bunch..You are definitely a credit to the hobby.
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Spektrum DX8 and DX6i Buddy Box Setup