Video #1: Todd Standing Bigfoot Video As Seen In 2nd Survivorman Bigfoot Show With Les Stroud

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Crisis Actors Guild: bigfoot in swamp

D Zsatsk: If someone did kill one and it was scientifically categorized as a humanoid, the killer would go to prison for murder. It's a lose lose situation. If you're going to hunt one you better borrow a rifle from someone you don't care for. But I wouldn't hunt in Standings location. I think you would be shooting a guy who was in the makeup chair for a while.

Shannon Nelson: Yes LetDA you may be right but you may be wrong. I have seen more fake videos than plausible ones. But since I really enjoy the possibility of them I will keep searching for the truth. It never hurts to keep an open mind.

Joe Danna: todd couldnt bring cameras nightvision sensors etc sas r spiritual they sense camera frequency tech etc. a flair a can of bear mase and a sidearm sone food water simple. the cell camera he is using is low frequency

Joe Danna: FINALLY. this is real as it gets bears would have sttacked at that range numer 1. number 2 mountain lion dont have that deep or sound vocally and they also would attack at that range. ty todd

Bill Blast: Is this Todd yelling in this vid or is it Les?? The title says it's from the Les Stroud bigfoot series, but I don't remember this clip in the series that why I'm asking.

Shannon Nelson: Until you have an actual encounter you have to just decide for yourself based upon what is out there. I choose to believe and you don't. Can't you see we're both right?

Alejandro Pompa: totally wrong approach, wat u wanna do is sit still and act un afraid in the dark silently,and wen they get near, THEN JUMP UP AND YELL AT THE SAME TIME U LIGHT A FLARE!!!!!!guarantee you'll scare the crap out of them ,,,the element of them not knowing wat your capabilities are and not showing fear will grant u strength and power to them.haha!

perry collins: for being an army sniper and survivalist he freaks out in stressful situations. any intelligent creature would take his yelling as an act of aggression and try to eliminate the threat just like a momma bear with her cubs will kill any thing she deems a threat. in the vids of actual face shots they don't seem to even care hes there

Al Clark: Am I the only one who thinks that these sounds are very similar to the Henry McCabe voicemail?

Shannon Nelson: OK let's say only 20% of all the sightings the people really saw something they thought was Bigfoot. You say that they are hoaxes. Do you realize how much invested time and how many monkey suits would be involved? It kinda doesn't make sense that he doesn't exist. Only 20% is still a lot of people!

Shannon Nelson: Come to think of it, that is exactly what I would do in the middle of nowhere with the growling darkness around me. But I'm not a professional Bigfoot Hunter!

Shannon Nelson: Todd it sounds like he's calling your bluff dude! You really should be more careful.

Kevin Weaver: This is so incredibly ridiculous. I don't see a damn thing other than a guy making me motion sick with his camera skills. And I hear said cameraman yelling like a cowpoke yells at cattle on the Oregon Trail....

Jacob Godwin: I got the chills. I know the feeling

NickelPlatedProd: I didn't see crap in this video but he definitely seems legit scared

Charlie Bates: he's yelling at his mom who is pissed he used the good camping equipment to do his fake documentary in her back yard!!....

Jake Cook: If this was real, the fear in this guys voice would be so convincing the best actor in the world could not fake. But he just sounds like a nob yelling in the bushes by himself

Jake Cook: So bigfoot is a creature that has been extremely towards people and escapes into the vegetation for what 50 years?? But this one is harassing this guy in the dark instead of running away like it always has done

James Ellsby Roberts: Reality tv staring unknown creature who lives in the woods because well his Bicycle is broken 😳
Video #1: Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen in 2nd Survivorman Bigfoot show with Les Stroud 5 out of 5

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Crisis Actors Guild: bigfoot in swamp
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Video #1: Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen in 2nd Survivorman Bigfoot show with Les Stroud