Disney Villains Impressions... In Song!

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Disney Villains Impressions... in Song!
Disney Villains Impressions... in Song!
Disney and Pixar Sings Hello
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My Top 10 Disney Villain voices
My Top 10 Disney Villain voices
Disney Villain Impressions
Disney Villain Impressions

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Kyle Hughes: Dude u did a great job that was a really messed up version of part of the world!!!! Awesome!!!!!!

some ordinary critic: who is Ratcliffe from

some ordinary critic: who is Ratcliffe from

Mireya Munoz: the bad little busy but not bad the song she's a little scary the sun got another hand feels a little scary and a little too much grew so if you're asking me but otherwise why the encore really Give It 2 Thumbs Up

HarleyQuinn 250: Thank you for doing impressions

batty: And here I was waiting for Randall to show up x'D

Brave: You did me best so far

Dominic Caruso: Your Sherriff was the best in my opinion

Nunya Business: love it

DarkStone94: You had to use those faces for Coachman and Scar, did you?

DarkStone94: Lyrics, please!

K Johnson: You get a thumbs up just because of the song dude. Also, that was pretty spot on. Even without you listing the characters (thank you for doing that though, I'm not the worlds biggest Disney fan and haven't seen many of their movies) I could recognize a lot of the characters I did know just by tone and inflection.

FilmmakeroftheFuture: I know that song! It's from "Looking for Group" it's called "Slaughter Your World!" Richard the Warlock sings it! :D Thank you! :)

Jenny: A bit pitchy, but your impressions were pretty impressive. I especially liked Ratcliffe.

Marvel Fan: This is sooo good!!!


Mary Kraus: Also I just want to say Ratigan was good also I'm just guessing this is a song about the disney villains wanting to become mass murderers or just murderers in general

Mary Kraus: This song made me go WHAT THE FREAKING FRIDGE

Crews Owen: Hades was your best.

BorisFangirl: For those people complaining about AniMat saying that he's not going to voice females but went ahead and voiced Ursula anyway; he gets a pass on this one since Ursula was based on (an almost voiced by) a drag queen.
Disney Villains Impressions... in Song! 5 out of 5

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Haniasita: Why do you put capitals in every word?
Jayda Gonsalves: I love how you and BS always compliment eachother so cute! :)
Jim Phượt cùng: Very good teaching. Thank you
Dreem: Dude. Sneakers. :(
Surydip J: stop music
PriorityGames: One small correction. Apparently the special attacks require the same amount of adrenaline as the amount of 'special attack' they used before.
Lars Sig: Dissapointing that you used that guitar. Who the hell gets a bluesbreaker for something else than a gibson?

Disney Villains Impressions... in Song!