Who Is Vanae?

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Who is Vanae?
Who is Vanae?
Fueled By Sin - Original by Vanae
Fueled By Sin - Original by Vanae

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setsallset: freak this chink hoe

elitestar: watch out people, asian female on the road!

Dazidan: @PurushaDesa agreed.... most americans put it that way... but some don't

PurushaDesa: @Dazidan Well yes but my point was it's an annoyingly broad term in America because it really covers very distinct races. To put it crudely : people with brown skin, and people with epicanthic eyes as per the lady here. 

Dazidan: @PurushaDesa don't forget indonesians, Bruneians(most people deny it's in BORNEO and it is a country) and malaysians are also asians.....

rj2037: the whole time during this video i was just waiting for an accident to happen, not cause she's asian, but she was holding the steering with only hand really leisurely and wasn't totally focused on the road talking to the guy and waving her hand all around. i don't know it just made me nervous, the suspense kept me watching the video

AtlantaTamartian: ewwwwwww...ford

TJC450: Ford stinks

NitroC3ll: jaja CaLiFORNIA LAWL LAWL LAWL i'll be back xD lol

PurushaDesa: @lukeool I don't see why that's a problem. He could be offensive in two ways : A - 'I hate Asians'; or B - 'I keep to my own' (which, oddly enough, is still a widely accepted piece of racism in America). But actually *liking* Asians? Well that isn't really negative at all. So I guess the real question is, why not? You're also dismissing what a vague term 'Asian' is, as it covers more than one race. There's no evidence he has any special preference for Indians, Pakistanis or Palestinians.

Dee Taylor: Cool. --- Sent From lockergnome's Facebook Application

Vidya Sagar: *goes off to subscribe vanae*

Manuel V.: Ford best u can do to help the u.s not imports, chris...!

MrPHANTOMX9: chris that woman escape from the kitchen

nsfw: Woah, why is a woman driving?

masskilla469: chris i love you!!!! lol

JacknifeCreations: @seangworld so true

Gagan Moorthy: It's Miley Cyrus in a Chinese woman suit!

mvkVirtual: @daluifh331 I thought that too. Their voices are identical! 

marksapollo: The Fiesta rocks I have one :) interesting video too.
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setsallset: freak this chink hoe
la loka miyuska :v: vine por dros :v
TreelaynGames: Cuál es el vídeo en el que sale el wey de Nintendo que ya se me olvido su nombre bailando creo que era aonuma o algo así :v
Babak Sadeghpour: I purchased this TV few months ago and I love it, does anyone know if this TV can work with wireless headphones and which ones?
Gabe Ulrickson: tip... do a sound test if you are going to do a review
mattana komnoi: เห็นนิจาด้วย
ramiro martinez: impresionante

Who is Vanae?