MY BIG CHOP!! |12 Months Of Transitioning

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Maria Pel: 12 months ? U sure ? How ? Tell me 😍😍😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Annica Ewbank: That's a lot
Of growth

Jane Uzoma: Your hair does not look like you transitioned a year it looks like
You transitioned two years.

Ebby's world: what is your your curl type

E Wynn: 2 years not no year

Paulita Girón: 12 month?? sorry but I don`t believe you
nice hair

Sydnéy Cliff: how do I get my bangs to curl? i've transistioning but the top half of my hair is'nt curlying including my bangs. How do I get it all to curl? i've been trimming regulary also...please help!

Angélica Olivo: 12 months only!!! what did you do to accomplish that growth? tips!

Savannah McClease-Borden: I'm in love with your hair! Your hair really grew this much in just one year?

Beija Ruiz: pretty!

Lexxi03: You are so pretty.


Memiii B: What's ur hair type??it looks similar to mine😊

Kinkz: Oh my gosh you are so Adorable!!! 😍😍😍

Alexia N: I was thinking about big chopping since I haven't had a relaxer in so long, but ran into something I thought might be a problem--possible heat damage to my roots to get it straight.  I'm going to relax again and use minimal heat and then decide from there.
Your natural hair looks beautiful.

Z The Brat: your beautiful :)

Sazokashi: hellpp ok so i had A PERM FOR SOO LONG and im growing my natural hair out so i can chop it all of i dont know how my natural hair looks like so im trying to guess (my hair is growing out so u can kind of see the natural hair) but im a bit confuesed so like by the front my roots are like kind of fluffy soft-4c or any kind of 4 type hair but like in the middle of my head by the scalp its kind of curly?wavy and im so confuesed any one kinda can guess what my hair type might be ?? .-.

Nana Esi Okyere-N.: you're so pretty, and it really fits you!

softbreezy: Awesome!!
MY BIG CHOP!! |12 months of transitioning 5 out of 5

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Richard Habicher: Well now Sonny I watched both parts to the very end, oh You are so good and show it all with the smallest msmts and safety in mind. I will try to follow it but I am not so well organised as You and a bit much older at 80y but still enjoying a bit of woodworking. The fine stuff I have to relearn and get the confidence back. I lost it with being scared of Routers!
THE ABAIM HD: ...с 5:31по 6:24 - классное сочетание музыки и видео !
Maria Pel: 12 months ? U sure ? How ? Tell me 😍😍😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Ілля Олійнич: Привіт скажіть будь-ласка у мене також є величенький люфт і масло тече чи можна на втулці наварити і потім проточити під сальник ? Я купив нову втулку а на ній планітарка хляпається а на рідній ледь ледь? І чи можна зробити люфт шестигранника мінімум? Щоб він полотно заходив в втулку чи всерівно має бути невеликий люфт? Дякую
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alrec dela cruz: parang hirap nga...but ok lng,kung full stock ang usapan....
Юрий Харалдин: Добрый вечер! Есть небольшой вопросик, если в третьем раунде после броска кубиков на цифру 13 приплывает сразу две лодки или что в крайне редком случае все три, пират грабит все лодки или выбирает только одну на своё усмотрение?

MY BIG CHOP!! |12 months of transitioning