Saints Row The Third Pimps And Gimps Trailer [HD]

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LKRTM: you need to pay to get it, It was a joke.....

LKRTM: Expencive

Vector: freaking best game of the freaking year. !!!

chazimo12: what's the guy's outfit at 0:18?

Dioporco: @flowerboyify and bunny costume or space :DDD

Michael Serrecchia: I won't be albe to stop smileing for weeks

Perigrine85: @robbewuzhere I will admit I was turned off by the graphics to... But I had to see some of the trailers to remember... Sometimes games are just about having a good time... And most of these trailers have made me laugh my ass off in a WTF!!! Kind of moment... I remember the second saints row game and I am gonna play this just to see what kind of off the wall crap they threw into this and sit in my living room lmfao.

john smith: @AntiHater23 when ?

AntiHater23: @TECH3BEAT It does actually.

AntiHater23: @robbewuzhere I can instantly know you're either a 12 year old kid or really ignorant.

Scott Hawke: @robbewuzhere No one cares, and it's your loss.

Youngphyconaut: ............O_O I can't wait

Chance Reed: Battlefield 3 & Saints row 3 have jets, but does battlefield 3 have Bitches, Zombies or DILDO BATS?!

MrPolleyboy: Ahahahaha this is funny Surfing Cars?!?! lol

Jesterpigeon: ... I think my pencil just exploded.

john smith: no you can have a unpixilated dildo bat that shows a pickle but yet they pixilate you win you run around naked that makes allot of freaking sense

Nox Mortuus, Ossa Surge: need background song plz!

TheBeastlyStudmuffin: @slickman911 Or try redbox or gamefly.

TheBeastlyStudmuffin: THEY ADDED THE FART IN A JAR?!?

undun_mammoth: DISREGARD COD:MW3, ACQUIRE SR3.
Saints Row the Third Pimps and Gimps Trailer [HD] 5 out of 5

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phu lam: it dosen't work it said connection.can you play multiplayer offline
Budai Mihai: Joja de ulei este anexata capacului galben de la ulei.
LKRTM: you need to pay to get it, It was a joke.....
NITRO JDX: Shut up
Pablo Pires: Parabéns brow!!
PoliticalSmackdown: is this made of aluminum or steel?

Saints Row the Third Pimps and Gimps Trailer [HD]