How To Automate A 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping - Part 1

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How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping
How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping
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FEWS Fitness: can you use this on other sites or is it just shopify?

Jason Williams: Finally a through video!!! This video took the 10% Ive learned from other vids and explained the other 90% in perfect easy to understand terms...

NiRo Bachar: wow thank you

Kashari Williams: What do you say to customers when they see aliexpress on their package?

Katee Lue: blessed

Maryann Mason: Do the Ali Express vendors supply tracking information for shipments?

Victor Martin: How many store(s) can you develop under your shopify account at once?

Steve Doyle: Hello, how can I get the app?

Arin B: How can I get the shopified app?

DoglinsShadow: So how do you automate it? Once a lot of people begin buying your product, you'll have to start sending a lot of orders in. and what if there is a problem? Do you have to be there to fix it?
This information is golden, bless you for sharing it. But, once you get it running like this, how can I get it running without me being there (by sending orders directly to the manufacturers at aliexpress from my website). Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time sending orders for every specific product over.

Javier CedeƱo: I am not an US citizen, i had never travel there, is there a site likely shopify with the easy payment methods for the customers for people on Latin America? I ask this because i notice that for the payments from my shopify sells needs a Bank Account, us address and other stuff, i dont have any of this.
I really enjoy your video guys, i am ready to go, your app is awesome but i have this limitation, can u send me please some suggestions, thanks!

Prettyluckyhappy: I can not find shopplified app

Rocky Fretz: is this app still available?

Petrus Mattias: How did you win traffic for your website at the very start ? and how did you rank high in google? nice video bytheway.. sorry for my bad english

Ashwani Rajput: Hello Stephen Luc

Thanks for your videos its helps me a lot to learn about drop shipping. I have few questions in my mind want to ask you

(1) i want to ask when customer orders a product on shopify we get the customer detail name address number all things
for drop ship have to order same product using customer address right?
then the tracking no auto send to customer or what to do to send tracking id

(2) i don't want my customer to know the original source of the product and price of the product. so how could i do that


Abigail Freckleton: Have any of your customers ever said anything about noticing that the items are not being shipped from within the US?

Elliot Nash: When is part 2 going to be uploaded?

Kiesha Speech: Great advice and demonstration. I used my Chromecast and walked through everything while I had you on the tv screen. I did it! Thanks so much.

Derek W: hello stephen .. I am facing a problem where I need your assistance. I want products dropshipped from Aliexpress to the US where my end customers are based .. but I stay in India . Last night the shopify support said that you can Sell in the US .. I wanted to earn in USD and they said you will still receive your monies in INR (Indian Rupees) Is there a way out you can help educate me better..

Mainframe Computers: does shopified only work with Aliexpres? or will it pull data from any vendor type website?
How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping - Part 1 5 out of 5

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How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping - Part 1